30+ Best Stable Diffusion Portrait Prompts

Sometimes, finding the best Stable diffusion portrait prompts for free can be a difficult task for an internet user as there are a lot of prompts available.

But fear not! Here, you’ll find the best portrait prompts for SD carefully curated from our experience and user feedback.

Stable Diffusion Portrait Prompts

Regardless of whether you’re using SDXL or any other Stable Diffusion models, these prompts consistently yield impressive results. 

We’ve generated all of them and featured a selection in the article.

Best Stable Diffusion Portrait Prompts

There are several popular types of portrait images, each with its own distinct style and focus. 

That’s why the prompts are categorized based on some of the most common types of portrait photography:

1. Traditional Portraits:

These are actually classic portraits where the subject is typically posed in a controlled environment, often with a plain background.

In this type of image, we focus on capturing the subject’s likeness and personality.

A classic portrait that exudes timeless elegance
Prompt: “A classic portrait that exudes timeless elegance and sophistication. Perfect lighting and composition to highlight the subject’s personality.”

It is just an image generated by a general traditional portrait prompt. Now let’s explore more prompts:

Traditional Portraits Prompts
A classic portrait of a Russian girl, neutral backdrop and soft, diffused lighting. Sit comfortably, natural expression, details like posture, facial angles, and eye contact to convey their personality.
A portrait of an elderly scholar lost in thought, surrounded by ancient books and manuscripts. Capture the wisdom and depth in their eyes.
Paint a portrait of a person sitting by a tranquil lake, surrounded by lush greenery and the soft colors of sunset. The expression should convey a deep connection to nature.
Illustrate a ballet dancer in mid-pose, captured in the midst of a performance. Emphasize the fluidity and grace of their movements.
A portrait of a wise old seer with piercing eyes, draped in flowing robes, surrounded by candles and mystical symbols. Convey an aura of ancient knowledge and spiritual insight.

2. Candid Portraits:

We all know that candid portraits capture subjects in natural, unposed moments. The goal is to capture genuine expressions and emotions without the subject being aware of the camera.

Natural, unguarded moments that reveal a cute girl's true emotions
Prompt: “Natural, unguarded moments that reveal a cute girl’s true emotions. Blend into the surroundings and capture genuine expressions without the subject being aware of the camera.”
Candid Portraits Prompts
A person in their natural morning routine, whether it’s sipping coffee, reading the newspaper, or simply enjoying the calm of the early hours, concept art, smooth, clear focus.
A street musicians pouring their heart into their performance, surrounded by captivated onlookers. Capture the intensity and emotion in their expression.
Family gathered in a park, laughing and enjoying each other’s company. Convey the genuine joy and camaraderie.
A portrait of a person lost in their own world during a train ride. Introspection and daydreaming, moments of solitude, public space.
Illustrate a market vendor taking a moment to rest amidst their wares. Weariness and determination, a day of hard work.

Now, if you want more, take a look at our article about the top face prompts for stable diffusion.

3. Environmental Portraits:

This type of portrait places the subject in their natural environment, whether it’s their home or workplace. The surroundings provide context and depth to the image.

environment that tells a story about a village family in a forest
 Prompt: “A meaningful environment that tells a story about a village family in a forest. Surrounding, forest, depth to the narrative.”
Environmental Portraits Prompts
A portrait of a lighthouse keeper standing on the rugged cliffs, overlooking the crashing waves and vast expanse of the sea. Convey the solitude and resilience of their role.
A beekeeper tending to their hives in a sun-dappled apiary. A harmonious relationship between the beekeeper and the bees, as well as the natural beauty of the surroundings.
Portrait of an astronomer in an observatory, surrounded by telescopes and the vast night sky. Fascination and wonder at the mysteries of the universe.
A nomadic herder in the wide open steppes, surrounded by their flock of sheep or goats. Deep connection between the herder and the expansive landscape.
A portrait of a surfer standing on a golden beach, sun setting over the horizon and the waves rolling in. Freedom and adventure with riding the waves.

4. Fashion Portraits:

fashion portrait of Emma Watson
Prompt: “A high-fashion portrait of Emma Watson, studio lighting, vogue, fashion, rich colors, color graded, intricate, elegant, award-winning photograph with golden ratio composition.”

We know as of 2024 the age of Emma Watson is 33+, but it is not.

So, to fix this issue we need proper age prompts and you can also control lighting in stable diffusion for this image.

Fashion Portrait Prompts
A model wearing a couture gown, surrounded by opulent fabrics, jewelry, and accessories. Sophistication and glamour of high fashion. 8k resolution, concept art portrait, fashion walk shot.
A person in a dynamic urban setting, showcasing their unique and edgy street style. confidence, expressing, 8k resolution, concept art portrait.
A model in a classic, retro-inspired ensemble, set against a backdrop reminiscent of a bygone era. Timeless beauty and allure of vintage fashion.
A model wearing avant-garde fashion in a natural setting, a forest. Juxtaposition of high fashion, organic beauty of the outdoors. 8k resolution, concept art portrait, fashion walk shot, WLOP, Alphonse Mucha dynamic lighting.
a woman model strutting down a runway in a bold and innovative designer outfit, bright lights, energy, and excitement of a fashion show.

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5. Pet Portraits

Portrait of a cat
Prompt: Portrait of a cat with its unique personality, expressive eyes, playful gestures, or characteristic features.
Pet Portraits Prompts
A beloved pet in a vibrant park setting, surrounded by lush greenery and playful energy. Joy and liveliness of the pet’s outdoor adventure. portrait photography, playful composition, natural light.
Paint a portrait of a dog curled up in a favorite spot indoors, perhaps on a comfy couch or next to a sunlit window. Comfort and contentment of a pet at home.
Cats alongside their owner on a sailing adventure, with the wind in their fur and the sea stretching out around them. companionship, excitement, joyful, furry friend, heartwarming, camera: Nikon D750
A portrait of a pet investigating a new and intriguing environment, such as a garden, forest, or even a city street. Capture the curiosity and wonder in their expression.
A large dog with a smaller animal friend showcases their unique bond and the contrast in their sizes. Highlight the affection and camaraderie between the two.

6. Black and White Portraits

black-and-white portrait of a young lady
Prompt: “A black-and-white portrait of a young lady that emphasizes form, texture, and contrast, interesting features of monochrome lighting setups.”
Black and White Portraits Prompts
An elderly person with wrinkles etched by time conveys a lifetime of experiences. Depth and wisdom in their eyes. Portrait photograph, 8k, monochrome.
A subject in a striking pose, with strong contrasts between light and shadow, creates a powerful and dramatic effect. Black and white photo.
A portrait of a musician lost in thought, holding their instrument. Capture the concentration and passion that comes with creating music.
Close-up of two people sharing a quiet moment, perhaps in an embrace or a meaningful gaze. Convey the depth of their connection without the distraction of color.
Profile portrait with strong, defined features and clean lines, emphasizing the subject’s unique facial structure.

How to Write Stable Diffusion Portrait Prompt

A good prompt is not enough for the desired outcome. Besides prompts, you should use the proper model and negative prompts.

That’s why here I discuss portrait prompt structure, the best model for portrait images, and negative prompts.


A good portrait prompt provides clear instructions and context to Stable Diffusion to create a vivid and engaging image of a character.

A basic structure for a portrait prompt:

{Setting (if relevant): Mention character}, {Physical Appearance: Describe the character’s physical features.}, {Clothing and Style: Mention the character’s clothing and style.}, {Facial Expressions and Body Language: Provide information about the character’s facial expressions and body language.}, {Background}, {Emotional State: Character’s current emotional state}.

Now let’s see a portrait prompt based on the structure provided:

A vivid portrait of Evelyn, a woman in her early 30s with an air of quiet confidence in a bustling 19th-century European city. Emerald eyes, wear a flowing, deep green dress. Smile playing at the corners of her lips, giving a glimpse into her inner world.

A vivid portrait of Evelyn 1
Style 1
A vivid portrait of Evelyn 2
Style 2

You can see both images are really cool but the styles are different.

So, if you need images with a specific style then I recommend using the SDXL styles selector.


From my experiences, I want to emphasize that the SDXL base model excels in handling both realistic and portrait images.

However, for portraits, where realism is paramount, you have the option to select your preferred model from CIVITAI, or you can simply choose from my curated list below:

For a complete list with all the details about the models, check out our article on the best diffusion models for realistic faces.

Negative Prompts:

Negative prompts in Stable Diffusion can lead to undesired or distorted results.

For example, if the prompt is too vague or ambiguous, the generated image may lack focus or coherence.

Additionally, prompts that include conflicting instructions or contradictory elements may confuse the model, resulting in a jumbled or nonsensical output.

That’s why I recommend our extensive guide on SDXL negative prompts.

This guide is highly effective for all stable diffusion models, as all prompts are thoroughly tested in our lab and listed in the guide.

For instance, you can use the negative prompt provided below for immediate results.

cropped, cartoon, blurry, bad anatomy, anime, bad color, bad fingers, error, extra fingers, extra legs, extra hands.


Finally, I’d like to conclude by emphasizing that this is an experimental process. No one can guarantee exact results tailored to your preferences.

Therefore, I encourage you to give these prompts a try and assess the generated images.

Feel free to adjust the prompts as you see fit. With dedication and experimentation, I believe you will certainly discover the images you desire.

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