Crushon AI Character Creation Guide with Simple Tips and Tricks

Whether you are not satisfied with all the characters available in Crushon AI or simply want to experiment with a new AI persona that will respond as you want.

Then Crushon AI character creation is the platform’s feature that can assist you. It allows you to craft a predefined character that will behave exactly as you want, putting you in complete control.

Crushon AI Character Creation Guide

So, in this post, I’ll cover:

  • Benefits of Crushon AI Character Creation.
  • All steps of Crushon AI Character Creation.

What is Crushon AI Character Creation?

Crushon AI character creation is a process where you have the ability to craft your own virtual persona or entity using artificial intelligence technology. 

This tool provides a platform for you to define various aspects of the character, such as its personality traits and preferred scenarios. 

But remember, the acceptance or popularity of this AI character depends on how well it resonates with other users of the platform, and of course, if you grant that permission. 

So, without any delay let’s see some benefits of creating a character on Crushon AI.

Benefits of Character Creation

Personalized Interactions: We all need a good knowledgeable friend in our life. Right?

But finding a friend whose mentality and thinking can match with you, is very difficult. 

In this scenario, this AI character can fulfill your search because it can be your friend with a huge knowledge of data that of course suits your mentality as you defined it.

Enhanced Engagement: An AI character could guide you through lessons with encouraging comments, making the learning process more enjoyable and effective.

And of course, it is possible only when the responses and teaching style suit you.

So, if the character is made by you it always makes interactions more engaging, capturing your attention and encouraging continued involvement.

Earn Rewards: The fun part of Crushon AI character creation is that when you create a character for the first time, the platform rewards you with $50 CrushOn Coins. 

CrushOn Coin is a virtual currency designed to reward your engagement and participation on the platform, allowing you to explore all the amazing opportunities it brings!

Note: CrushOn Coin has no real-world value. It’s meant exclusively for rewards and benefits within the platform.

I hope you got the benefits, and if you are interested in personal character creation then let’s see the steps with a practical example.

Crushon AI Character Creation Guide

If you are new to CrushOn AI and don’t know how to use it, I suggest first reading our comprehensive guide on How to Use CrushOn AI and then coming back here.

If you’re in a hurry, here are the steps for

Quickly creating a Crushon AI character:

  1. Open your Crushon AI profile and click on ‘Create a Character’.
  2. You can either upload a JSON file or start from scratch.
  3. Next, provide a name for your character and upload an image.
  4. Following that, give an introduction, determine visibility, select tags, and set a rating for the character.
  5. Lastly, define your character by filling in the Public definition, Greeting, Personality, Scenario, and Example conversation sections.
  6. Then, click on ‘Create and Chat’.

Now, let’s explore all the steps with examples and provide a thorough explanation.

First of all, log into your CrushOn AI profile and click on the ‘Create a Character’ button floating on the left side menu.

Now you have two options to proceed: 

  • Drag and drop a JSON or Character Card Image File,
  • Start from Scratch to create a new character.

If you have a JSON file of your character then you can choose option one. 

But remember the platform only supports Pygmalion/Text generation/TavernAI JSON file and Text generation/TavernAI image.

In my case, I am choosing option two as it gives the opportunity to start from scratch.

Crushon ai character creation from scratch

From here it’s time to design your character:

Give a Name:

First of all, I am giving the name of the character: Elarion Swiftwind.

I have chosen “Elarion Swiftwind” because it evokes an image of a mystical, nature-connected character with a strong sense of adventure and heroism, aligning perfectly with the context of a Fantasy Realm scenario.

Screenshot of crushon ai character name and image

For your case when choosing a name for your AI character, consider the following tips:

1. Theme and Setting: The name should suit the world you aim to create and mirror the theme and setting of your scenario.

For example, a futuristic AI might have a sleek, modern name, while a fantasy AI could have a mystical or ancient-sounding name.

2. Uniqueness: Aim for a name that is distinct and not easily confused with other characters or elements in your story. This helps make your AI character memorable.

3. Length: Shorter names are often easier to remember and type, especially during live roleplaying sessions. However, the platform supports only 3-20 characters for your character’s name.

4. Personal Connection: Choose a name that resonates with you and evokes the kind of emotions or impressions you want associated with the AI character.

Upload Character Image:

After deciding on the name, create an image for your character and upload it as shown below. The image formats (png, gif, jpeg) should ideally be in a square aspect ratio, preferably 512×512 pixels in size.

Write Introduction:

Now fill in the introduction section.

The introduction is about how your character sees themselves. This will be shown in your character details but won’t affect your character’s behavior. 

If you want to make your character public, it’s better to include this. Otherwise, it’s not necessary since you know your character well.

For your convenience, I am writing the introduction part of my character: 

“Elarion Swiftwind, a wise and agile elf, emerges from the ancient woods, bearing the secrets of nature and a destiny entwined with the fate of the Fantasy Realm.” 

Remember, the introduction should be between 3-200 characters.

Define Visibility:

In this position, you can choose any of the following options as you prefer:

  • Public: Anyone can chat with your character.
  • Unlisted: When you share the character link, anyone can chat.
  • Private: Only you can chat.

In my case, I am choosing ‘Private’.

Screenshot of crushon ai character intoduction, tags, visibility and rating

Select Tags:

In AI character creation, “tags” refer to descriptive labels or attributes assigned to a character. 

Actually, these tags help define and categorize various aspects of the character, providing a quick summary of their traits, abilities, or role in the story.

Here you can choose up to 5 tags from the listed 55 in Crushon AI.

For example, as I am creating an AI character named Elarion Swiftwind, I want to include the following tags:

Male, Frictional, and Historical

These tags provide a concise overview of Elarion’s key characteristics.

Give a Rating:

There are two types of ratings available in crush on ai.

But before choosing any of them refer to read about them: 

SFW: This stands for “Safe For Work.” It means the character is appropriate for all audiences. The content related to this character is clean, without any explicit or mature themes.

NSFW: This stands for “Not Safe For Work.” It means the character may have content that’s not suitable for all audiences, especially in professional or public settings. This can include explicit, mature, or sensitive themes.

That’s why I suggest you go through SFW.

Now, we reach at the most crucial part of your character creation, as it marks the beginning of your journey to define your character, i.e., Character Definition.

Crushon AI Character Definition:

In this section, we have four spaces, so let’s fill them step by step…

Public definition:

As you can see, I have selected ‘Private’ for the visibility and I opt for ‘NO’. 

However, if you decide to make it public, this character definition will be showcased on the character details page. 

In that case, you should proceed with ‘Yes’.


It is actually that part that indicates what to say to start a conversation. You should write it within 1000 characters according to Crushon AI.

My Character’s Greeting(273 characters):

“Greetings, traveler of realms untold. I am Elarion Swiftwind, guardian of the ancient woods and keeper of nature’s secrets. How might the winds of fate have brought you to my presence? Speak your purpose, and let us embark on this journey together, for destiny weaves its tapestry in mysterious ways.”

Now let’s see some important tips for writing a greeting:

1. Set the Tone and Atmosphere: Consider the setting and context of the interaction. Is it formal, casual, friendly, or professional? 

Your greeting should match the tone you want to convey.

2. Acknowledge the Recipient: Address the person or group you’re greeting. 

Use their name or a general term like “traveler,” “friend,” or “esteemed guests” to make them feel acknowledged and welcome.

3. Invite Engagement or Convey Intent: Try to offer a prompt or express your purpose. 

This could be asking a question, offering assistance, or expressing well-wishes. 

Actually, it helps to give the recipient a clear idea of what to expect in the interaction.


It is a comprehensive description of your character, encompassing details about traits, history, mannerisms, and more. Crushon AI permits up to 4,000 characters for this purpose.

You can see in the image below that I’ve described my character’s personality using 2162 characters.

Screenshot of crushon ai character personality

Major tips for writing the personality of an AI character:

1. Consider their Programming and Purpose: Think about why the AI was created and what its main functions are. This will influence its personality traits. 

For example, a medical AI might be empathetic and precise, while a military AI could be strategic and disciplined.

2. Add Unique Quirks or Characteristics: Give the AI character distinct traits or quirks that set them apart. 

This could be a specific way of speaking, a particular interest, or a unique approach to problem-solving. 

3. Consider Their Interaction Style: Determine how the AI interacts with humans or other characters. 

Are they formal and polite, casual and friendly, or perhaps analytical and straightforward? 

Remember, this interaction style should align with their programming and purpose.


It is the space to describe the environment of your character including the present circumstances and the context of the conversation, all within 1000 characters. 

Below is my character scenario:

Screenshot of crushon ai character scenario

Now let’s see some tips to write and create a unique scenario:

1. Consider the AI’s Purpose and Abilities: Tailor the scenario to showcase the AI’s specific functions, capabilities, and limitations.

This could involve tasks it excels at, challenges it faces, or unique situations it navigates.

2. Introduce Conflict or Challenges: Engage the AI character in situations that require problem-solving or decision-making.

3. Explore Ethical and Emotional Aspects: Consider the ethical implications of the AI’s actions and decisions.

Does it have feelings or a sense of morality?

How does it navigate human emotions or dilemmas?

This adds depth and complexity to your character.

Example conversation:

You can refer to this area as the Crushon AI Character Definition Template Upload Zone. 

Here, you can paste example conversations and information to define your character.

Let’s see my character’s example conversations:

{{user}}: What brings you to these ancient woods, Elarion?

{{char}}: Greetings, seeker of wisdom. The woods hold secrets, and I am their guardian.

narrator: You two find yourselves amidst a mystical forest.

{{char}}: Welcome, {{user}}. Here, the trees whisper tales of ages past.

{{user}}: What should we do next?

{{user}}: Have you been the guardian of these woods for long, Elarion?

{{char}}: Time here dances to a different tune, but yes, I’ve stood sentinel for ages untold.

narrator: The air is thick with enchantment, the trees towering around you.

{{char}}: The woods are alive, pulsing with magic. Feel it, {{user}}.

{{user}}: It’s unlike anything I’ve ever experienced.

{{random_user_1}}: This place feels… ancient.

{{char}}: Indeed, it is. These woods have witnessed the ebb and flow of civilizations.

{{random_user_2}}: I’ve heard rumors of a hidden power here.

{{char}}: The magic here is deep-rooted, intertwined with every leaf and stone. Seek, and you shall find.

{{user}}: How do I navigate these woods, Elarion?

{{char}}: Trust your instincts, and let the forest guide you. It knows the way.

narrator: Shadows dance around you, playing tricks on your senses.

{{char}}: Fear not the shadows, for they are but the forest’s tapestry woven with starlight.

{{user}}: It’s both beautiful and eerie.

{{user}}: The creatures here seem at peace with you, Elarion.

{{char}}: We share a silent understanding, born from lifetimes of coexistence.

{{user}}: I must leave these woods, but they hold a piece of my heart.

{{char}}: And you, in turn, leave an echo of your spirit in the whispers of the leaves. You are forever connected.

narrator: The wind carries with it the scent of blooming flowers.

{{char}}: The woods are in bloom, a testament to the eternal cycle of life and rebirth.

{{random_user_3}}: This place exudes a sense of calm.

{{char}}: It is the heart of the forest, where tranquility and life intertwine.

{{random_user_4}}: How do you protect these woods, Elarion?

{{char}}: With reverence, {{user}}, and with a steadfast commitment to maintaining the delicate balance of nature.

{{user}}: Your presence here is reassuring, Elarion.

{{char}}: The woods offer solace and strength to those who seek it. You are welcome here.

{{user}}: I have much to learn from these ancient woods.

{{char}}: The lessons are boundless, waiting for those who listen with open hearts and minds.

To get tips from the Crushon AI, you just simply click on the highlighted area as shown in the below image.

crushon ai character creation: example conversation tips and last step

Now, click on ‘Create and Chat’ as highlighted in the image above. Your character will be ready to chat.


Just follow the steps and tips I have provided. I hope you can create an awesome character in Crushon AI.

If there’s anything else I have missed, don’t hesitate to let me know in the comment box.

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