7 AI Stocks at Burger Prices That Could Make You Rich


We've put together a list of the best 7 AI stocks under $10, using information from NASDAQ and Yahoo Finance. Remember, we're AI enthusiasts, not financial advisors.

FiscalNote Holdings Inc. (NOTE)

A company that provides AI-powered solutions for government affairs, policy analysis, and stakeholder management.

Nio Inc. (NIO)

A Chinese electric vehicle maker that uses AI to enhance its products and services, such as autonomous driving, smart cockpit, and battery swapping.

SoundHound AI Inc. (SOUN)

It develops voice and natural language processing technologies, such as Houndify, a platform that enables developers to create voice-enabled applications.

Alithya Group Inc. (ALYA)

A company that provides digital transformation and AI consulting services, such as data analytics, cloud computing, and machine learning.

Lantronix Inc. (LTRX)

A company that offers secure data access and management solutions for IoT and edge computing devices, such as gateways, modems, and routers.

CooTek (Cayman) Inc. (CTKYY)

A company that develops mobile applications and AI-powered content platforms, such as TouchPal Keyboard, Cherry, and Fengdu Novel.

Rekor Systems Inc. (REKR)

A company that provides AI-powered vehicle recognition systems, such as OpenALPR, which can identify license plates, vehicle types, and colors.

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