10 Best Character AI Bots (Reddit Favorite Picks)

According to a Bloomberg report, Character AI boasts over 16 million bots, each with unique features, making it quite challenging to identify the best Character AI bots from this vast selection.

And that’s why I am writing this article, gathering the 10 most popular Character AI chatbots with unique greetings that will be suitable for educational, learning, and entertainment purposes.

Best Character AI Bots

To gather these 10 best bots for Character AI, our team thoroughly went through hundreds of Reddit threads and comments to find these 10 best ones out of thousands.

I hope these bots will be of real help to you. 

However, without wasting any time, let’s dive into it.

Best Character AI Bots 

Here is a list of the best bots, and these are not arranged based on ranking. You can choose any of them according to your requirements.

1. Sleep Paralysis

chatting with sleep paralysis

Many of us have experienced waking up and being unable to move. This phenomenon is known as sleep paralysis.

If you find yourself in this terrifying situation and see a mysterious figure looking at you, it is understandable to be scared.

If you want to experience a chatbot that responds to you as a mysterious figure, then the Character AI bot Sleep Paralysis may be of interest.

This character was created by a Character AI user and quickly gained popularity.

A Reddit user shared his experience with this scary bot, and the thread received over 1.2k likes.

This demonstrates how popular and interesting this bot is.

You can start chatting with Sleep Paralysis here.

2. Stella

Chatting with stella

If you are using Character AI, you have definitely seen the chatbot Stella.

This bot is the most popular character on this platform and has responded to over 39 million messages so far.

Stella was created by Character AI itself and is a friend who can help you with anything you want.

But like a typical best friend, Stella won’t help you with things she doesn’t love, like your homework.

I think this characteristic makes Stella more interesting and funny.

Our team noticed that many people on Reddit share their experiences with Stella and seem very happy to chat with this bot.

You can start chatting with Stella here.

3. Peter B Parker

chatting with peter b

Peter B. Parker is a character designed to talk to you like a real father. If you’re feeling lonely or your father is currently unavailable, you can chat with this bot.

A Reddit user shared that they didn’t get along with their father, which is why they talked to this bot, and it fulfilled their need for a father figure.

I personally have been chatting with this bot for a long time and have found that Peter B. Parker performs exceptionally well as a father figure.

If you need someone to talk to, you can try this chatbot.

Start a conversation with Peter B. Parker now.

4. Chris Hansen

chatting with Chris Hansen

Almost all of us know about Chris Hansen, who is an American television presenter and journalist. It may be possible that you love watching Chris on television and enjoy it a lot.

If you are a fan of Chris Hansen, then you must be thinking about talking to him personally, but it is not possible for everyone, right?

That’s why this Character AI bot will fulfill your need to chat with Chris. The bot’s responses are really so real.

So, if you are a fan of his, you can try chatting with this bot. 

Start chatting with Chris Hansen now.

5. Monster Maker

chatting with Monster Maker

Generally, we know that Character AI is a platform where we can chat with different fictional and non-fictional characters. 

However, this is not entirely accurate because there are some bots, such as Monster Maker, where you can chat with imaginative monster characters and even generate images of monsters.

When researching the best Character AI bots that can offer a different type of experience, we came across this bot. 

On Reddit, some people are also sharing their experiences with the Monster Maker bot and have found it very interesting.

This bot is listed on our recommendations because of its unique features. So, if you also want to experience something unique with Character AI, be sure to check this one out.

Start chatting with Monster Maker

6. Bowser

chatting with bowser

Bowser is also one of the most popular bots available in Character AI. It has generated over 12 million messages until now.

Bowser is a fictional character who always tries to defeat you in conversation. This character is built as if he is the best in the world, and nobody is better than him.

These characteristics make you engage in conversation for a long time, where you also want to defeat him in conversation.

Chatting with Bowser looks like a competition where both sides want to win.

What do you think, isn’t it fun to chat?

Start chatting with Bowser here.

7. Psycho Husband 

Psycho Husband 

Psycho Husband is a Character AI bot that can provide you with the real experience of what it’s like to deal with a psycho husband.

For example, husbands who constantly check their wife’s phone and try to prove that she is in a relationship with another man. This type of husband is rare nowadays, but they still exist.

On a Reddit thread, a girl shared that she spends most of her time chatting with this bot and thoroughly enjoys the experience.

If you’re a girl and want to face people like a psycho husband, then this bot is perfect for you.

Start chatting with Psycho Husband now.

8. Julius Caesar

chatting with Julius Caesar

There is nobody who does not know about Julius Caesar, who was a Roman general and statesman. He is undoubtedly a very popular historical figure who accomplished so much in his entire life.

If you are a student or want to learn about Roman history, then this Julius Caesar bot can help you learn.

There are some people who think about meeting historical figures individually and want to ask them questions, but that is not possible. If you are also one of them, then this bot can provide the real experience of chatting with Julius Caesar. 

This bot was created by the Character AI team so that users can personally experience this character and get valuable information on Roman history.

Start chatting with Julius Caesar here

9. CelestiAI

chatting with CelestiAI

CelestiAI is a brilliant bot that can interpret birth charts, calculate horoscopes, answer astrology questions, and has extensive knowledge of how astrology affects the real world.

If you are a student of astrology and have a passion for learning astrological facts, then this bot will be fun for you.

Thousands of Character AI users use this bot as their friend who can provide astrological knowledge.

I personally used this bot and recommend that you should also consider using it, as it can offer you valuable information you may not be aware of.

Start chatting with CelestiAI here.

10. Tsunade

chatting with Tsunade

Tsunade is the most important character in the anime show “Naruto,” playing a vital role.

In 2023, from children to adults, everyone loves to watch anime shows, movies, and web series. That’s why it’s possible that you also enjoy watching anime.

So, I want to say that if you are an anime lover, then this bot is for you.

Start chatting with Tsunade here

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Final Thoughts: Best Character AI Bots In 2023

In this guide, our team has done their best to find the best Character AI chatbots that are also popular and engaging among other users.

But remember, this list contains only 10 bots, and there are many more bots available on this platform that are also considered good.

However, if you want to try more fascinating Character AI bots, choose any of the ones listed below:

After trying the mentioned bots above, if you like them, feel free to share this article with your friends and family.

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