45 Best Stable Diffusion Landscape Prompts for All Models

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Best Stable Diffusion Landscape Prompts

I must say that all the prompts are really good for all the stable diffusion models including SDXL to generate stunning images. 

So Feel free to use the prompts regardless of your diffusion model.

Best Stable Diffusion Landscape Prompts

We all know there are many types of popular landscape images that people enjoy capturing and viewing.

But I don’t know what types of landscape images you are looking for.

That’s why I have compiled a complete list of the best prompts for commonly recognized types of landscape images.

So, let’s see the prompts for all categories…

1. Mountainscapes Prompts:

Mountainscapes with prompt
Prompt: “Rugged beauty of a snow-capped mountain peak at sunrise, colorful sunrise, with the first light painting the summit in golden hues, 3D, landscape, highly detailed, eagle soaring, epic, harmonious, peaceful, high resolution, realistic.”

More Prompts
Frame a composition that juxtaposes a tranquil alpine lake with a towering, jagged mountain range in the background, mist, volumetric light, clouds, sunset, epic, harmonious.
Seek out a viewpoint that showcases the interplay of mist and valleys amidst a range of ancient, forested mountains.
Capture the drama of a mountain storm, with lightning illuminating the silhouette of a craggy peak against a dark, turbulent sky.
Explore the textures and patterns of a rocky mountain face, highlighting the play of light and shadow across its surface, global view, city and villages, landscape, highly detailed, illustration.

2. Lakes and Rivers:

rushing river cascading over rocks
Prompt: “Frame a composition that features a rushing river cascading over rocks, capturing the dynamic energy of flowing water.”

More Prompts
The tranquil beauty of a still lake at dawn, with mist rising from the surface and reflections of the surrounding landscape.
Photograph a serene forest reflecting in the mirror-like surface of a glassy lake, creating a sense of perfect symmetry.
Seek out a hidden waterfall along a meandering river, capturing the beauty and power of nature’s water features.
Explore the vibrant colors of a lakeside sunset, with the sky ablaze in hues of orange and pink reflected in the water.

3. Seascapes Prompts

Frame in a bedroom, features a dramatic coastal cliffside with crashing waves
Prompt: “Frame in a bedroom, features a dramatic coastal cliffside with crashing waves, showcasing the power of the sea, cinematic, 8k, detailed, realistic.”

The serene beauty of a secluded beach, with gentle waves lapping against the shore and a colorful sunset on the horizon, peaceful seascape, cinematic, 8k, detailed, realistic.
A rocky coastline at low tide, revealing tide pools teeming with marine life and intricate rock formations, powerful sea, highly detailed, HQ.
Photograph of a tranquil bay at dawn, with fishing boats resting on calm waters and a soft mist rising from the surface.
The dynamic energy of a surfer riding a wave, with the backdrop of a vibrant, sun-kissed ocean.

4. Cityscapes Prompts

glittering lights of a city skyline at dusk
Prompt: “A composition that captures the glittering lights of a city skyline at dusk, with reflections dancing on the water.”
More prompts
The architectural details of a historic city district, highlight the interplay of old and new buildings. Realistic, details, 8k.
Photograph of the bustling activity of a vibrant city square, capturing the movement of people against a backdrop of iconic landmarks.
The unique vantage point captures the city’s skyline from above, showcasing the urban sprawl and city lights, conveying a sense of depth and realism, immersing the viewer in this captivating.
Highlight the geometry and patterns of a modern skyscraper against the backdrop of a clear blue sky, Oil painting cityscape with the Ministry of Truth building.

5. Forests and Woodlands

atmosphere of a misty forest
Prompt: “The enchanting atmosphere of a misty forest at dawn, with sunbeams filtering through the towering trees. scottish forest, perspective, a beautiful fairy, ultrarealistic, photorealism, 8k, octane render.
A composition that showcases the vibrant colors of autumn leaves against a backdrop of evergreen pines. Cinematic lighting, ultra-detailed, ultrarealistic, photorealism, 8k, octane render.
A hidden world of fungi and mosses on the forest floor, highlighting the intricate details of a woodland ecosystem. Ultrarealistic, photorealism, 8k.
Photographic image of a tranquil woodland stream, with moss-covered rocks and the play of light on the water’s surface.
Seek out a grove of ancient, towering redwoods, capturing the sense of awe and majesty they evoke. Photographic, concept art, cinematic lighting, cinematic composition.

6. Deserts and Sand Dunes

otherworldly beauty of a vast desert
Prompt: “The otherworldly beauty of a vast desert expanse at sunset, with dunes casting long, dramatic shadows.”
A natural composition that features the intricate patterns and textures of wind-sculpted sand dunes against a clear blue sky, realistic, 8k, color of nature.
Explore the play of light and shadow on the surface of a salt flat, highlighting the unique geometry of the landscape.
Photograph of a lone desert plant thriving amidst the arid sands, symbolizing resilience and adaptation.
Seek out a desert oasis, capturing the contrast between lush vegetation and the surrounding barren landscape.

7. Valleys and Canyons

a deep canyon with layers of colorful rock formations
Prompt: “The grandeur of a deep canyon with layers of colorful rock formations, illuminated by the warm light of sunset.”
A composition that showcases the sweeping curves and rugged textures of a vast valley, with distant mountains on the horizon.
Explore the interplay of light and shadow within the depths of a narrow slot canyon, highlighting its unique geological features.
Photograph a tranquil river winding its way through a lush valley, creating a sense of serenity and harmony in the landscape.
A viewpoint that offers a panoramic view of a valley during the golden hour, capturing the play of light on the terrain.

8. Urban Parks and Gardens

historic city park, with ancient trees and a sense of timeless beauty
Prompt: “Frame a composition that features a historic city park, with ancient trees and a sense of timeless beauty.”
Tranquility of a Japanese garden, with meticulously arranged stones, flowing water, and lush foliage. Realistic tree, color, natural color, 8k.
Explore the details of a meticulously manicured flower garden, highlighting the vibrant colors and diverse plant life.
Photograph a peaceful urban oasis, with benches, fountains, and sculptures providing a retreat from city life.
A botanical garden showcasing a diverse range of plants from around the world, capturing the beauty of biodiversity.

9. Winter Landscapes

a winter wonderland at twilight
Prompt: “A winter wonderland at twilight, capturing the soft glow of snow under the light of a full moon.”
More prompts
The beauty of a snow-covered forest, with sunlight filtering through frost-covered branches. Realistic, 8k, natural color, natural vibe.
A composition that features a frozen lake, with the stillness of the water reflecting the snow-covered landscape.
Explore the textures and patterns created by wind-swept snow dunes in an open field, highlighting the stark beauty of winter.
Photograph a cozy cabin nestled in a snowy mountain setting, evoking a sense of warmth and contrast to the cold surroundings.

Stable Diffusion Landscape Prompt Guide

If these prompts don’t fully meet your needs and you require additional options in another category or simply want more, you have two choices.

You can either inform me by commenting below with your specific requirements or follow the guide below to craft excellent landscape prompts for stable diffusion.

To create an effective landscape prompt, keep in mind three key elements while writing: structure, model, and negative prompt.

Structure: [Setting and Environment Description], [Time of Day or Season], [Mood or Atmosphere], [Key Features], [Color Palette], [Point of View or Perspective], [Style].

It is a basic structure for a landscape prompt to generate images using a stable diffusion.

Now let’s see an example of a landscape prompt following this structure:

A Realistic image of a tranquil lakeside scene, early morning light, misty atmosphere, soft color palette, shades of blues and purples, small wooden dock extending into the water, surrounded by tall pine trees. A family of ducks swimming near the shore. Low angle, close to the water’s surface.

tranquil lakeside scene

Best Model: The majority of the images showcased here are generated by the SDXL model. In fact, we conducted tests using various models for the above 45 prompts.

After a thorough evaluation of image quality and processing speed, I have compiled the following list to produce the finest landscape images through stable diffusion.

Negative Prompt: Whether you are are pro or a new user of stable diffusion you definitely know how a simple negative prompt can our image generation process.

It is just the words that we don’t want in our prompt and put in the negative prompt section. 

So, you can read our comprehensive guide on SDXL negative prompts or use the following universal negative prompt curated from our experiences.

blurred, low quality, cropped, cartoon, unrealistic, bad anatomy, bad color, anime, unnatural, extra things, fuge things, unrealistic things, error.


The prompts provided here are just some of the popular types of landscape images.

Each type offers unique opportunities for photography and provides a different aesthetic appeal. 

Keep in mind that within each category, there are countless variations and specific locations that can be explored and captured in different ways.

So, try to explore from your end using our guide to generate unique and popular images within each landscape category.

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