Crushon AI vs Character AI: Which Is a Better AI Friend?

Crushon AI and Character AI each offer a range of distinctive and notable features tailored to meet individual needs.

But, it does not mean that one should use both of them as their cost is high with various extra features.

crushonai vs characterai

In this post, I’ll be conducting a comprehensive evaluation of Crushon AI and Character AI.

If you’re looking for an in-depth comparison of these widely used AI tools, you’ve landed in the right spot.

Because in today’s post, I’m going to compare CrushonAI vs. CharacterAI in terms of:

  • Their Output
  • Characters analysis
  • Pricing and value
  • Unique Features
  • User Safety

Let’s do this!

Introducing the Two Competitors

Character AI

Screenshot of CharacterAI Homepage

Character AI is a chatbot powered by advanced neural language models, capable of producing human-like responses in natural conversations.

As you’ll soon see, Crushon AI also delivers human-like text responses.

And we’ll compare the two later.

But it’s important to know that CharacterAI is the first and most used AI in the field of AI friends.

In fact, today, you can use CharacterAI to:

  • Practice a new language
  • Practice interviewing
  • Brainstorm ideas
  • Plan a trip
  • Make a decision
  • Lots more


Screenshot of CrushonAI Homepage

CrushonAI is best for those who want an AI friend with no NSFW filters. But over the last few months, they’ve added some new models to make the response more human-like.

This is why it’s even possible to do a CharacterAI vs. CrushonAI comparison. A few months ago CrushonAI was 100% focused on NSFW.

Today, CrushonAI has a few features that make it a direct competitor to CharacterAI, including:

  • Human-like Responses
  • Own Character Creation
  • 24/7 Community
  • Bonus Features

The bottom line is that CrushonAI and CharacterAI have almost similar feature sets.

So it’s time to answer the key question: which AI Friend is the best overall?

Let’s get started.

Crushon AI vs Character AI: Which AI Tool Is Best for You?

Characters Analysis:

The number of characters a site has is an important indicator of its performance. Both CharacterAI and CrushonAI have thousands of characters.

However, if we seek a specialist in a specific field and a reliable guide on a particular topic, then CharacterAI emerges as the victor in this game. 

Because it has almost 1M+ characters created by its community of creators and their responses are really comprehensive.

Now, let’s see characters responses:

Character Response Analysis: CharacterAI vs. CrushonAI

To put it to the test, I selected anime characters from both platforms.

From CharacterAI, I chose Gojo Satoru, and from CrushonAI, I selected Katsuki Bakugou, as they are the most popular characters on their respective platforms.

My Question: “Do you have any recommendations for classic anime series? I’d like to delve into some older shows too.”

Now let’s see the answers:

Screenshot of character response in CharacterAI
CharacterAI Response

Here, you can observe that the character suggests only classic anime series names. It also provides an option for feedback to tailor the response according to your preferences.

Additionally, the interface is exceptionally clear and user-friendly.

Screenshot of character response in crushon ai
CrushonAI Response

Now you can see that the response is detailed, concluding with a pertinent question to continue the conversation, but the interface is not as cool as the previous one.

Unique Features: NSFW Content and LABS

CharacterAI LABS and CrushonAI NSFW Features

There are a lot of petitions submitted by users to allow NSFW content in in-character AI. However, the platform still does not permit NSFW content to maintain a safe environment for its users.

Actually, to Capitalize on this opportunity and fulfill the demand, Crushon AI launched their platform allowing NSFW content.

On the other hand, CharacterAI offers a unique feature called LABS. This allows you to test upcoming features before their public release, but there are no such features in CrushonAI.

So, if we want a platform with no filters and restrictions then your option is Crushon AI. 

However, if you’re interested in testing new upcoming features, then C.AI is the way to go.

User Safety: 

In terms of user safety, both platforms are highly secure and legitimate. They each have well-defined terms of service and privacy policies, and they utilize SSL to transfer data. 

However, if you have a child or a family member below 18 years old, it’s crucial to exercise caution when using CrushonAI’s NSFW features, as they are not suitable for individuals under 18. 

In contrast, CharacterAI maintains a safe environment by not allowing NSFW content, making it a secure choice.

Now let’s consider the last, but perhaps most valuable, point for users seeking an affordable AI bot.

Cost Comparison:

CharacterAI allows unlimited messages for all its users, but to unlock the features that are available in CharacterAI LABS and get a premium response and support, you should buy their subscription at $9.99/Month.

CharacterAI and CrushonAI Free Plans offer

CrushonAI does not provide unlimited messaging for its free users. You’re limited to 50 messages per month on a free account.

However, in an effort to enhance the user experience, Crushon AI introduces Bonus points for their users. By accumulating these bonuses, you can increase your monthly message allowance.

If you don’t know how to unlock these bonuses I refer to read our article on: Best Ways to Unlock CrushonAI Unlimited Messages.

CrushonAI Subscription Plans

There are 3 premium plans available in Crushon AI as shown above but if you really need unlimited messages per month in an authentic way then you should buy CrushonAI’s Deluxe plan at $29.9/m.

So, if you compare only the subscription plans it seems that Crushon AI is cheaper than CharacterAI but when it comes to unlimited messages. CharacterAI emerges as the winner.

Because if you want CrushonAI unlimited messages with premium features it costs $29.9/m, while it is $9.99 in CharacterAI.

CrushonAI vs CharacterAI – Which One to Choose?

Character ResponseMore DetailedTo the Point
Number of CharactersLessMore
InterfaceMore User-FriendlyLess User-Friendly
Unique FeatureNSFW AllowLABS

Choosing the best platform actually depends on individual needs. I hope you’ve gained a clear understanding from the comparison table above and can now decide which platform suits you best. 

In my opinion, CharacterAI stands out as the overall best option. However, if you specifically require no NSFW filter, then CrushonAI is your go-to choice.

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