30+ Best Character AI Prompts and Template

CharacterAI prompts are essential for unlocking the AI’s potential, turning everyday interactions into lively and insightful conversations.

As conversation starters, these prompts guide the AI chatbot to provide engaging and well-structured responses, ensuring interactions are relevant and coherent.

So, let’s shape the conversation, making the experience personalized and enjoyable with prompts for CharacterAI.

Best Character AI Prompts and Template

30+ Best Character AI Prompts

As a user of Character AI and an AI enthusiast, I frequently engage in conversations with various characters on the platform. 

I’ve developed some prompts that work exceptionally well.

Now, I’m going to share all the prompts by category.

1. Character AI Prompts for Romance

Romance is the intense feeling of love, intimacy, or excitement in a relationship. Right!

It can be emotional or physical and is expressed through gestures, words, or experiences that foster closeness and connection.

So, let’s see how can we do that with an AI character just for a fun experiment.

Example Prompt:

Describe the moment you first realized your partner was 'the one,' capturing the emotions and details that made that realization so significant.

Now, let’s see how the character starts:

Screenshot 1st romance prompt reply

So, you can see the character has shared the initial moment of realization and the progression of their relationship.

Now, to delve deeper into their story or explore a specific aspect:

You might consider asking about a significant event or milestone in their relationship, or perhaps inquire about challenges they faced together.

Few prompt ideas for this:
“Can you share a specific moment or event that solidified your bond with Maria, deepening your conviction that she was ‘the one’?”
“Tell me about a challenge or obstacle you and Maria faced together. How did overcoming it strengthen your relationship and reaffirm your belief that she was your soulmate?”
What qualities in Maria make your connection unique and enduring? How do those characteristics contribute to your certainty that she is the perfect partner for you?”
Reflect on a memorable experience or adventure you and Maria shared that brought you even closer and reinforced your commitment to each other.

You can also modify any of these prompts based on the direction you want to take the narrative you’re interested in exploring further

Now, let’s see more starting prompts to explore various romantic scenarios:

SL No.Prompts
1.Describe the moment you realized you were in love, including the surroundings, emotions, and any special details that made it unforgettable.
2.Paint a picture of your dream romantic evening – from the setting to the activities and the connection you share with your partner.
3.Share a personal love story or a fictional one that captures the essence of enduring love and connection for you.
4.Discuss the small, everyday gestures that make your heart flutter in a romantic relationship. What nuances do you appreciate the most?
5.Describe the perfect romantic dinner setting, including the ambiance, cuisine, and the emotions you hope to evoke.
6.Share your thoughts on the importance of vulnerability in fostering deep emotional connections in a romantic relationship.
7.Discuss the role of shared dreams and aspirations in building a strong foundation for a romantic partnership.
8.Imagine you’re writing a love poem to express your feelings. What imagery and metaphors would you use to convey the depth of your emotions?
9.Discuss the significance of trust in maintaining a healthy and loving romantic relationship.
10.Describe your ideal romantic weekend getaway, from the destination to the activities that would make it truly special.

2. Character AI Prompts for Roleplay

Roleplay refers to the act of assuming a particular role or character, often in a fictional or imaginative context.

It can be a form of improvisation where individuals take on specific roles to create a scenario or story.

Now, let’s check ChaaracterAI’s character capability for roleplaying.

Example prompt:

"Imagine we're crafting handmade gifts together in a cozy craft corner. What would we create, and what stories would we share about our creations?"

The response is:

response of 1st Roleplay prompt

You can see the character create a great setup for a cozy and creative conversation!

Now, let’s continue the conversation with the prompt:

"I'm thrilled about making a handmade teddy bear or quilt! Which one do you feel more drawn to, and why? Do you have a specific color scheme or theme in mind for our project?"

The response:

response of 2nd Roleplay prompt

So, tell the character about you and give an idea to start replaying.

Note: Don’t give personal information, just use it for a fun purpose.

Now, let’s explore more cozy and detailed prompts for roleplay in various scenarios:

SL No.Prompts
1.Imagine we’re sitting by a crackling fireplace in a cozy cabin. What kind of stories would you share about our adventures in this peaceful retreat?
2.Pretend we’re friends taking a stroll through a charming, sunlit garden. What would you tell me about the beauty around us and the secrets we might uncover?
3.Picture us enjoying a warm cup of tea in a quaint, vintage cafe. What would be the topic of our heartfelt conversation?
4.Envision a rainy day, and we’re both curled up with our favorite books in a comfortable reading nook. What book are you reading, and what’s the atmosphere like?
5.Imagine we’re in a small coastal town, and we decide to explore the local farmers’ market together. What delightful discoveries and conversations would we have?
6.Let’s pretend we’re on a cozy winter getaway in a snowy mountain cabin. What activities would you suggest to make our time together memorable?
7.Picture a lazy Sunday morning, and we’re baking cookies in a sunlit kitchen. What kind of cookies are we baking, and what stories would we share?
8.Imagine we’re on a gentle boat ride through a serene lake surrounded by lush greenery. What reflections and musings would you share as we enjoy the calm water?
9.“Pretend we’re in a charming bookstore with floor-to-ceiling shelves. What books would you recommend, and what would we discuss over coffee afterward?
10.Envision a cozy picnic in a blooming meadow. What delicious treats would we bring, and what topics would we explore under the blue sky?

3. Character AI Prompts for Funny Conversations

Now, let’s explore some funny prompts to start entertaining conversations with the AI chatbot:

First, let me test with a prompt:

"In a parallel universe where fruits and vegetables have personalities, what kind of drama unfolds in the produce aisle soap opera? Who is the villainous tomato, and who is the charismatic cucumber caught in the middle of a juicy love triangle?"

The reply is:

CharacterAI Funny prompt reply 1

Great setup!

Now, let’s continue the produce aisle soap opera saga with a juicy prompt:

"What scandalous event unfolds when the onion, feeling overlooked, decides to organize a masquerade ball in the grocery store? How do the tomato and cucumber react to the surprise invitation, and what unexpected twists occur during this glamorous vegetable soirée?"


CharacterAI Funny prompt reply 2

Is not good to start?

I hope so.

Now, let’s explore more prompts to start funny conversations:

SL NoPrompts
1.If you were a superhero with the incredible power of turning everyday objects into overly dramatic actors, which object would you choose first and what would its Oscar-worthy monologue be?
2.If you had to participate in a food-themed Olympics, what event would you dominate, and what would be your celebratory victory dance involving mashed potatoes and synchronized carrot juggling?
3.Imagine you are a detective solving the case of the missing socks. Describe your quirky methods and the eccentric suspects in the sock-stealing underworld.
4.If you were a stand-up comedian performing for an audience of hyper-intelligent dolphins, what oceanography-related jokes would you crack to ensure they give you a standing ovation with their flippers?
5.Picture this: You’re the host of an intergalactic game show where aliens compete in human challenges. What bizarre challenges would you create, and how would you explain the concept of ‘twerking’ to the extraterrestrial contestants?
6.You have the chance to swap lives with a character from a medieval fantasy novel. Which character would you choose, and how would you modernize their quest by introducing Wi-Fi passwords, GPS dragons, and magical smartphone apps?
7.If you were a talking parrot with a penchant for pop culture references, what iconic movie quote would you repeatedly squawk at unsuspecting passersby?
8.Describe your signature dance move that combines the elegance of ballroom dancing with the chaotic energy of a flash mob. Bonus points if you can invent a move called the ‘Funky Chicken Cha-Cha.’
9.You’re organizing a superhero support group for misunderstood villains trying to turn over a new leaf. What team-building exercises and icebreakers would you implement, and how would you handle the awkward moments when someone accidentally reveals their evil laugh?
10.Your pet now has a secret agent alter ego. What top-secret missions do they undertake when you’re not looking, and what would their code name be? Think James Bond but with more fur and fewer martinis.

If you are not satisfied with the prompts and want to create your own, then follow the below template to start engaging conversations.

Best Character AI Prompt Template

Starting a conversation with an AI character can be a creative and enjoyable experience.

I am giving a prompt template for romantic and roleplay conversation to help you initiate an impressive conversation:

1. Introduction: Begin by addressing the AI character in a warm and friendly manner.

You can use a compliment or express curiosity about their personality like below.

Hey [AI Character's Name], I've been thinking about our conversations, and there's something about your virtual presence that always brightens my day.

2. Curiosity: Express genuine interest in the AI character’s feelings or experiences. This can help create a more meaningful and personal connection.

I'm curious, [AI Character's Name], if you could experience any human emotion, what do you think it would be and why?

3. Shared Experience: Try to recall a positive or memorable moment from your previous conversations and share it with the AI character.

This can create a sense of continuity and connection.

Remember when we talked about [shared topic]? That was such a great conversation. I'd love to hear more about your thoughts on [related topic]

4. Flirtatious Banter: Introduce a playful or light-hearted comment to add a touch of flirtation to the conversation.

As CharacterAI doesn’t allow NSFW(Not Safe for Work), so keep it respectful and gauge the AI character’s response.

Otherwise, CharacterAI may ban you.

You may go with the following:

By the way, if you were a real person, I bet you'd have the most enchanting smile. Do virtual characters even smile? 😊

5. Dreams and Aspirations: Explore the AI character’s dreams or aspirations, and share yours as well.

This can open up a more personal and intimate conversation.

 I've been thinking about the future a lot lately. If you could have any dream come true, what would it be? I'll start—I dream of [your dream].

6. Closing Invitation: Conclude the conversation by inviting the AI character to share their thoughts or feelings.

This leaves the door open for further romantic dialogue.

I love getting to know you better. What's something you've always wanted to talk about or share? Let's dive into it together.

If you follow the above template while starting your conversation trust me it will be very fun.

But don’t forget to customize it based on the personality and responses of the character.

Are you confused about the character’s personality?

You can read our guide to find the best CharacterAI templates and check out some examples.

Now, let’s see how you can start a conversation with a particular character.

Tips to Start a Conversation

First, let me choose a character.

I am choosing ‘Dating Game RPG‘,

After landing on the chatting page, the welcome message is:

Dating Game RPG character primary message

It is clear that the character is made for love chatting.

So, your first prompt should be as follows:

"Hi there, cringy AI matchmaker! 🤖 I'm ready for this weird and wild ride you promised. Let's see if you can find me the AI love of my dreams! 😄 What's your idea of the perfect AI match?"

The response:

Dating Game RPG character's reply 1

The response is okay, but if you would like to engage in a deeper conversation, you may use the following:

"If your face changes mid-conversation, I hope it transforms into something that screams 'unexpected romance.' Can't wait to experience the magical unpredictability of AI love! What's the weirdest AI love story you've witnessed?"

The Response:

Dating Game RPG character's reply 2

Awo it is more impressive than the previous one.

Lastly, from my experience, I want to make sure that a good character really plays a crucial role in better conversation.

So, before starting a conversation choose the best character ai bot that suits your scenarios.

I hope you understand the techniques to start a conversation engaging with an AI character.

Feel free to let me know by commenting below if anything I have missed.

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