Is Crushon AI Safe: Exploring Safety, Privacy, and Chat Accessibility

Yes, Crushon AI is a trusted and trending chatbot known for its safety and reliability. It lets you bring characters to life and enjoy engaging conversations.

And we all know that since its release, Crushon AI has been creating a buzz.

Is Crushon AI Safe

But, with all the buzz, comes a big question: Is Crushon AI safe to use?

I’ve been using Crushon AI since July 2023, and I totally get it. Safety is a top concern. 

So, in this blog post, we’re going to do a deep dive into: 

  • Does Crushon AI truly live up to its reputation as a safe digital buddy? 
  • All safety concerns you may have.

How does Crushon AI work?

Crushon AI works in a pretty cool way. The Crushon AI developer team wanted to make a fun kind of chatbot using really smart computer stuff.

So, what makes Crushon AI special? 

It’s like this super smart computer brain that learned a ton from lots of conversations. You can use it to make your own characters using a generative artificial intelligence (AI) chat functionality and have chats with them.

Screenshot of Crushon AI Models

5 models are employed to respond to your query in Crushon AI as of 27 Sep 2023. You can choose any of them listed below, but remember each model may have different effects.

  • Classical Crushon AI LLM (Beta)
  • Llama2-13B-Uncensored (Alpha)
  • Chronos-Hermes-13B (Alpha) (I am good but slow)new
  • Llama2-13B-Chat-0927 (Alpha)new
  • Llama2-7B-Chat-0927 (Alpha)


Is Character AI Safe to Use?

In short yes, Crushon.AI takes safety seriously. Their website or app is equipped with robust security measures to ensure your interactions remain secure. Moreover, they’re upfront and clear about their terms of service and privacy policies.

However, it’s important to note that, like other AI chatbots, Crushon.AI does have access to your personal data and conversations. 

They use this information to enhance the quality of service and provide more helpful responses.

How does Crushon AI Ensure Data Safety?

How crushon AI serves data

Crushon AI ensures its users’ data safety by implementing robust security measures, including SSL encryption. SSL, or Secure Sockets Layer, acts like a powerful shield for your online data. 

When you send sensitive information, like passwords or credit card numbers, it passes through various computers. SSL encrypts this data into a special code, making it unreadable to anyone but the intended recipient. 

This means even if someone tries to intercept it, they’ll only see a jumble of characters.

Crushon AI Leak Concerns

As Crushon AI uses SSL, there is still a possibility of data breaches. It can include your conversation history or identity. 

If this data is leaked, this information could be used to blackmail you or lead to negative academic or work-related repercussions.

Because there are a handful of examples of user data leaks in the year 2023.

CompanyData Breach Incident
MailChimpSocial engineering attacks led to unauthorized access to support tools, exposing employee info. Aug ’22: Similar attack via phishing. 
ChatGPTMarch ’23 breach exposed user names, emails, payment addresses, last 4 digits of credit cards. OpenAI reinforced security measures.
Scandinavian Airline SASCyberattack in June ’23 led to website takedown and exposure of customer info. Risk of exploitation deemed low.
 LuxotticaMay ’23 breach exposed 220M email addresses. Initially demanded ransom, later leaked. No further personal info was compromised.   
Google FiT-Mobile data breach in ’23 impacted Google Fi customers. Phone numbers exposed, vulnerable to phishing and fraud attempts.
Yum BrandsApr ’23 cyberattack revealed employee and corporate data compromise. Led to financial losses, security expenses, and brand perception challenges.

To know more about data Breach Incidents for Companies, you may read the article.

As it is also a database company, there’s a possibility of data leakage, as you see above large AI companies have faced similar issues. 

So, at this point, let’s examine the privacy policy of Crushon AI to understand what steps would be taken if such a situation were to occur.

Crushon AI Privacy Policy

First of all, let’s see what information Crushon AI gathers:

1. Direct Contact: If you contact Crushon AI directly, they may collect your name, email, phone, message content, and attachments.

2. Account Creation: Creating an account may require details like name, company, address, email, and phone number.

3. Automatic Collection: Using the Crushon AI app triggers automatic data collection, including page visits, access times, device info, and cookies.

4. Chat Feature: Crushon AI collects any information submitted through the chat feature on their application.

Now it’s time to see what Crushon AI actually does with our information.

How Crushon AI Utilize Your Information:

1. Enhancing Application Experience: User information is used to improve and optimize the Crushon AI application, ensuring a better user experience.

2. Marketing Email Interaction Monitoring: Crushon AI monitors user interactions with marketing emails to tailor and enhance communication.

3. Ensuring Security and Preventing Misuse: User data is utilized to maintain and enhance the security of the application and to prevent any misuse.

Now, let’s see what we actually learned from above and what potential risks may still arise for us as Crushon AI users.

Crushon.AI’s 3 Possible Risks

A man is talking to a robot

Lack of Human Judgment and Empathy: While Crushon AI excels at processing data, it may struggle to provide the level of empathy and nuanced understanding that a human agent can offer.

Misinformation and disinformation: CrushonAI can be used to generate realistic but false information, which could be used to spread misinformation or disinformation. 

For example, it could be used to generate fake news articles or social media posts that are designed to mislead people.

Addiction: It could be addictive, especially for people who are already prone to internet addiction. For example, users could spend hours chatting with CrushonAI and neglect their other responsibilities.

As we’ve already learned about the privacy policy and potential risks associated with Crushon AI. 

Now, let’s delve into the questions that arise in my mind as a Crushon AI user and understand how to safeguard our privacy on Crushon AI.

Can crush on ai see your chats?

Yes, the CrushonAI developer team can view your chats for the purpose of analyzing trends, managing the site, and tracking your movement on the website. However, apart from the developer and yourself, your chats will not be visible to others if you select your character’s visibility as ‘Private’.

So, if you are chatting with the platform’s characters, there is no possibility of others seeing your chats. But if you use any character created by a platform user, it is possible for the creator to see your chats.

Are Crushon AI chats private?

Yes, your conversations with Crushon AI are private. No one can access them except you and the AI model. So, you can trust the system with your secrets and desires. The platform has implemented strict data usage and privacy policies to ensure the confidentiality of user interactions. 

But as I already mentioned, in some cases, the developer of the platform can view your chats to enhance the user experience and train their upcoming AI model.

Does Crushon.AI remember conversations?

Yes, CrushonAI automatically retains your conversations for 7 days. However, this duration depends on how many chats you have on the platform, as Crushon AI provides limited memory for each user based on their plan.

If you have a substantial number of messages, it’s advisable to manually save the important chats. Otherwise, you may consider purchasing additional memory through a paid subscription.

Steps to save and increase memory: 

Steps to save and increase memory on crushon ai

  • Open a character and click on the three dots floating on the top right. 
  • Then a small pop-up window will appear; select “save chats” or click on ‘Chat setting’ as shown above.

How To Protect Your Privacy On Crushon AI

Some simple steps you can take to protect your privacy when using the AI chatbot:

1. Limit Personal Info: Avoid sharing too much personal information, like your full name or address, unless it’s absolutely necessary.

2. Check Privacy Policy: As we already told you about Crushon AI’s privacy policy. 

Yet take a look at the chatbot’s privacy policy to understand how they handle your data.

3. Watch Links: Be cautious of clicking on links sent by the chatbot. Make sure they look legitimate before clicking.

Screenshot of crushon ai advertising policy

4. Regularly Update Passwords: As you need to create an account for Crushon AI, use a strong, unique password and update it regularly.

5. Report Any Issues: If you feel uncomfortable or notice something off, report it to the platform at [email protected].

Steps to report a character on crushon AI

For a specific character, click on the three dots floating in the upper right corner after opening each character and select “report” as shown above.

After that, submit the below form specifying the issue.

Screenshot of report form of character on crushon ai

6. Trust Your Instincts: Finally, If something feels strange or too invasive, trust your gut and stop sharing information.

So, in conclusion, I want to say that Crushon AI is a trusted and legitimate platform to use. 

And If you take the above precautions, your safety level will increase, and your privacy will remain secure.

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