Top 5 Leonardo AI Alternatives For 2023 (Free & Paid)

Leonardo AI Alternative: As AI technology gets more multifaceted, creative professionals are finding creative uses for AI-driven tools and software. One of the most popular AI-driven solutions out there is Leonardo AI, an image generator tool that helps to produce mind-blowing images quickly. 

Leonardo AI Alternatives

While Leonardo AI is widely used by creative professionals and game developers, there are also many other alternatives that can help you to create impressive results. 

In this blog post, we discuss the top 5 Leonardo AI alternatives to help you and your team find the AI image generator that best fits your needs. 

What Is Leonardo AI And What Can It Be Used For?

Leonardo AI is an awesome AI image-generation tool that uses artificial intelligence to create artwork, especially for computer games. It can generate stunning images for various projects and offers a free version that allows users to create 150 credits’ worth of images each day, usually enough for several dozen images. 

Leonardo AI homepage

Leonardo AI, a company based in Sydney, Australia, was founded in 2022 by three friends: Ethan Smith, JJ Fiasson, and Jachin Bhasme. When they developed this platform, their primary focus was to help game developers easily create computer game assets with just a few clicks. This approach can reduce the cost of developing a game. 

However, over time, they tried to capture every industry that directly or indirectly needs AI art. That’s how Leonardo AI became a go-to platform not only for game developers but also for businesses, professionals, and more.

In the growing market of AI image generators, Leonardo AI holds a prominent place among all the tools. This success is attributed to its user-friendly interface, where you don’t need to be an expert in generating AI images, and you can generate images without the need for a Discord server.

Furthermore, Leonardo AI offers a prompt generation feature for newbies that helps to generate descriptive Leonardo AI prompts from a single word. I personally love this feature.

But remember, Leonardo AI is not perfect from all aspects. Like other AI image generator tools, it also has some limitations and drawbacks.

For example, you are limited to generating only 150 tokens per day, and the image quality is not as good as Midnourney’s.

That’s why you can also explore other Leonardo AI alternatives that may better fulfill your needs.

Below are some drawbacks and limitations of Leonardo AI that you should be aware of.

Why Go For A Leonardo AI Alternative?

Undoubtedly, Leonardo AI is an outstanding AI art generator in the market. However, it is not the only platform available in this market. There are many other tools that are far better than Leonardo AI in some cases.

For example, the image quality of Leonardo AI is not very good, and it is not perfect for generating marketing material.

Even when I personally tried to generate a logo for my business, Leonardo AI did not understand my prompt properly and generated the wrong things.

In this case, I found Midjourney AI far better because here I can easily generate a logo with just a few simple prompts.

On the other hand, if you talk about Leonardo AI’s pricing, this platform offers a freemium option to all users where you can use it for free, but it has limitations. In contrast, there are some tools where you can generate up to 10,000 images per day, which I think is more than enough.

However, recently, a Reddit user reported that after the last update, he is facing issues with Leonardo AI not working properly, and it has become slow. When he clicks on “generate,” Leonardo AI does not show any results. Many Reddit users also made similar claims on the same Reddit thread.

Leonardo AI not working issue reported by Reddit users

If you are also facing these types of issues, you can try these alternatives. Here, we have compiled a list of the best AI image generators that are dominating the market with their image quality, user interface, and pricing.

5 Leonardo AI Alternatives For 2023

Here are 5 of the best Leonardo AI alternatives for anyone who is looking for the best AI image generator: 

1. Midjourney

2. Adobe Firefly

3. Playground AI

4. Lexica AI

5. Bing Image Generator

Wondering what they provide? Keep reading to fully understand these advanced AI art generators.

1. Midjourney AI

In our list of the top 5 alternatives to Leonardo AI, Midjourney takes the first place due to its exceptional image quality. When we try any AI platform, the first thing we notice is its quality, and in terms of quality, Midjourney stands out as the best among all of them.


Already, more than 16 million users have subscribed to the Midjourney Pro plan because this platform excels in generating all types of images. Whether you are a designer, artist, business professional, or anyone else, you will definitely benefit from this tool.

Midjourney offers advanced features that no other tool provides. You have access to a wide range of parameters to enhance image quality. For example, you can choose the aspect ratio, chaos level, style, upscaler, and much more. If I were to cover every feature of Midjourney AI, we would need to write a comprehensive article. Now, imagine how many features you will find in Midjourney.

One thing to remember is that to use Midjourney AI, you need to join their Discord server.

However, here are its pros and cons that you should consider:

Midjourney Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Easy to use user interfaceDo not offer any free trial
Generates high quality imagesGenerated image are public
Lots of features to enhance an imageLots of controversy over image originality
Mimic desired artistic stylesOnly available on Discord server
No artistic knowledge requiredCustomer support is not good enough

Midjourney AI pricing 

The best thing about Midjourney pricing is that it is affordable for all types of users. But, the sad news is that Midjourney discontinued its free trial option on March 28th, 2023.

Now, to use Midjourney, you need to purchase one of their subscription plans on a monthly or yearly basis. If you purchase their yearly plan, you will also receive an additional discount.

Midjourney’s basic plan starts at $10 per month and includes 3.3 hours of fast GPU usage per month. Here is a list of all the available pricing plans:

  • Basic Plan: $10 per month
  • Standard Plan: $30 per month
  • Pro Plan: $60 per month

You can now choose any of the subscription plans that suit your needs.

However, if you want a completely free AI image generator tool that also delivers good quality, please read below.

2. Adobe Firefly

In our list, the second most useful and user-friendly AI art generator is Adobe Firefly. In March 2023, the American multinational company Adobe launched their new Generative AI tool, which is currently in beta.

Adobe firefly

After the launch of this tool, professionals found Adobe Firefly to be the best alternative to Leonardo AI. Here, you can generate images from text, similar to Leonardo AI, and the user interface is also excellent.

Adobe currently offers some premium features for free, such as Generative Fill, Text Effects, Generative Recolor, 3D to Image, and many more.

If you’re wondering about our most beloved features on this platform, it’s the “Extend Image” feature, where you can easily extend any image’s background as you desire. The extended background looks incredibly realistic.

However, as mentioned earlier, Adobe Firefly is currently in beta, which means there are more features waiting to be added to this platform.

If you’re on a tight budget and can’t afford to purchase Midjourney, you should still consider giving Adobe a try.

Adobe Firefly Pros & Cons 

Pros Cons
Free to use It supports only English prompts
Premium Features for freeYou can’t train your own model
Lots of upcoming features are waitingCommercial use is restricted in beta
Best for creating logo The quality of images is not good enough

Adobe Firefly Pricing 

At present, Adobe Firefly is available for free use, but access may not be available to everyone during its beta phase. We anticipate that it will transition to a paid feature within the Creative Cloud once Adobe enhances its quality.

3. Playground AI

I already mentioned above that there is a tool which offers its users 1000 daily images. The name of this tool is Playground AI, and it’s a newcomer in the market, launched in June 2023 by Suhail.

Playground AI

Here, you can generate images with your text prompts, and the good thing is that there is a section where you can easily edit your generated images.

Using Playground AI, you can effortlessly create art, social media posts, presentations, posters, videos, logos, and more. Afterward, you can share your creativity with your friends and family with just a single click.

Playground AI also provides a library to get inspiration on how to write perfect prompts. This library will help you understand prompts better.

However, if you need to generate lots of images for free, then Playground AI is a good option.

Playground AI Pros & Cons 

Pros Cons 
Free to useBad customer support
Easy to use user interfaceImage quality is not good enough
Support for multiple modelsImage generation is slow

Playground AI Pricing

Currently, you can use Playground AI for free, and in the free account, you will receive 1,000 daily image generations. However, if you desire more images, you will need to purchase their premium plan, which costs $15 per month and grants you 2,000 images per day.

4. Lexica AI

After trying Playground AI, I decided to test Lexica Art, which is an image search engine where you can find different categories of artworks such as animals, landscapes, portraits, abstracts, and more.

Lexica art

Lexica AI is a Stable Diffusion project developed by Sharif Shameem in the year 2021. This platform offers image search and the ability to create images from prompts.

Here, every image you create is made public, meaning your generated images will be added to their image library, and anyone can see your work. Sometimes, this feature feels like a drawback because it compromises our privacy.

While Lexica Art may not be as premium as Midjourney or Leonardo AI, its user interface is simple, and you can use this platform for free. These two advantages place this platform in our top 5 alternatives to Leonardo AI.

Lexica Art Pros & Cons 

Pros Cons 
Free to useImage quality is not good enough 
Image search result is so impressiveDoes not support multilingual searches
Easy to use user friendly interfaceLimited customization option 
Generated images are public

Lexica Art Pricing 

You can use Lexica art for free, but when it comes to generating images, it is limited for free users.

If you only want to use Lexica for image searching, then the free account will be sufficient for you. However, if you want to generate images for your brand, you will need to purchase their premium plan.

The starter plan for Lexica begins at $8 per month, where you will get 1000 fast image generations per month. Beyond that, for additional image generation, you can purchase Lexica Pro and Max plans, which cost $24 and $48 per month, respectively.

5. Bing Image Generator

In our lineup, the final tool we have is the Bing Image Generator.

Microsoft has introduced an AI image creator within Bing, leveraging an enhanced iteration of DALL-E 2, another remarkable project by OpenAI.

Bing Image generator

Much like the process of utilizing ChatGPT, accessing the DALL-E 2 image generator involves logging into OpenAI’s website. Users can then input prompts in a designated text area and patiently await the AI’s creation of an image.

There are two convenient methods for employing the Bing Image Creator. You can produce images by visiting, or you can seamlessly craft images directly within Bing Chat.

Regardless of the conversation style chosen—be it Creative, Balanced, or Precise—Bing Chat excels at crafting images.

A notable advantage of using Bing Chat for image generation is the ability to pose follow-up questions, allowing Bing to make adjustments to the image.

For instance, Bing may suggest queries like, “Could you make the monkey wear a hat?” or “Change the Vespa’s color to blue.”

Bing Image generator Pros & Cons

Pros Cons 
It is free to useLimited image generation for free users
Easy to use user interfaceLimited customization option
Integrated with Bing Chat
More powerful then DALL-E 2

Bing Image Generator Pricing 

Right now, Bing’s Image Creator is free to use. However, if you run out of “boosts,” which are like credits used for making images, you can buy more. When you use the Image Creator for the first time, you used to get 25 boosts, but now you get 100.

Final Thoughts: Leonardo AI Alternatives 

In this article, we tried our best to find the best alternatives to Leonardo AI, which will truly help you create stunning images.

However, one thing you should remember is that no one tool is perfect in every aspect. This is why you need to choose the one that best suits your needs.

Before writing this article, we tested each and every tool so that we can provide a comprehensive overview of each one.

So, if you enjoyed the article, please feel free to share it with your friends and family.

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