25 Best Leonardo AI Prompts That Will Blow Your Mind

AI image generator tool, Leonardo AI, possesses limitless potential. Crafting creative and specific Leonardo AI prompts is the key to unlocking its full potential.

The best way to learn how to create great prompts for Leonardo AI is to take a look at what others have done to achieve mind-blowing results previously.

25 Leonardo AI Prompts

In this article, I will share 20+ great prompts found by our team members with various styles, effects, and tricks to help you create fantastic art.

Follow this quick Leonardo AI prompt guide and prompts if you are new to Leonardo AI. 

However, without wasting any time, let’s dive into it.

Best Leonardo AI Prompts For Painting

1. Watercolor Painting

Leonardo AI is amazing at making beautiful watercolor paintings. It uses smart technology to mimic the way real artists create these paintings, with soft brushstrokes and lovely colors. You can use it to make your own stunning art that looks like it was made by a professional.

Prompt: Watercolor painting, gray concrete structure on a cliff, coastal view, contemporary, high contrast, cell shading, strong shadows, vivid hues, azure ocean, lush vegetation, tropical, cozy. 

watercolor painting

2. Art of a Beautiful Girl

Leonardo AI impressively turns text into beautiful artwork, showing a deep understanding of different artistic styles. It can blend soft pastels and vibrant neon colors, add motion effects, and create high-quality images. This makes it a valuable tool for producing visually striking and imaginative artwork.

Prompt: Soft pastel colors, cartoon style illustration of a woman as she sees the world while experiencing hallucinations, stoned, splash art, splashed pastel colors, (soft iridescent glowy smoke) motion effects, best quality, wallpaper art, UHD, centered image, MSchiffer art, ((flat colors)), (cel-shading style) very vibrant neon colors, ((low saturation)) ink lines, iridescent, 

Negative Prompt: Double ears, bald, cat ears, animal ears, 4ears, horns, NSFW, nudity, nipples, groin, crotch, headdress, signature, artist name, watermark, texture, bad anatomy, bad draw face. 

Art of a Beautiful Girl

3. Two Happy Farmers in the 1950s

When I try to generate an image of old age, it is important to mention time, place, condition, style, etc., for a better result. This is how you can generate an image of what you want to see.

Prompt: In the 1950s, life on the farm was hard work, but the mechanics at John’s Garage were always ready to lend a hand. These two skilled technicians are pictured standing side by side in front of a rustic barn, with a windmill and tractor in the background. The fields are alive with the sound of farm animals, as the men take a moment to rest and reflect on a job well done. Whether you’re a farmer looking for reliable repairs or just a lover of all things vintage, this poster is sure to bring a touch of nostalgia to any room.

 Two Happy Farmers in the 1950s

4. Phoenix Emerging From Fire

It can blend elements like a phoenix and a galaxy to make them look elegant, luxurious, and clean. The images are super detailed, clear, and seem like they were created by a professional painter. 

Prompt: Phoenix emerging from fire with galaxy, elegant, luxury, clean, smooth, elegant, beautiful, highly detailed, sharp focus, studio photography, xf iq 4, 1 5 0 mp, 5 0 mm, iso 2 0 0, 1 / 1 6 0 s, realistic, natural light, octane render, adobe lightroom, rule of thirds, symmetrical balance, depth layering, polarizing filter, sense of depth, ai enhanced. 

Phoenix Emerging From Fire

5. The Flower Field

Simplicity has its charm. Leonardo AI appreciates the beauty of simplicity. This phrase could make for an excellent poster or even look great when printed on a t-shirt.

Prompt: maximalist cannabis flower field, with marihuana flowers, illustrated by Hergé, style of tin comics, pen, and ink. Vintage 90’s anime style. 

The Flower Field

6. The Sea

Here you can easily create images of the seaside that will really blow your mind. A few years ago, creating such images with painters could cost you a significant amount of money. Now, you can create these images for free.

Prompt: Extremely detailed seaside with 3 palms on the left and a beautiful sea in front of it agitated by a strong wind coming from North-West, Vaporwave style, vaporwave colors, vivid colors, cinematic view, intense sunset, vaporwave sun.

The Sea

7. The Haunted House 

Yes, you can generate haunting images with a simple text prompt. You just need to mention every single detail you want in your image. However, Leonardo AI sometimes generates a better image based on your text prompt.

Prompt: A collection of Halloween-themed stickers, including spooky ghosts, grinning pumpkins, eerie haunted houses, and wicked witches. These stickers are intricately designed with vibrant colors and intricate details, perfect for adding a touch of spooky fun to your messages and decorations. The environment is a dimly lit Halloween night, with a full moon casting an eerie glow on the scene. The mood is playful and spooky, evoking the excitement of Halloween night. The style is a mix of digital illustration and 3D modeling, giving the stickers a dynamic and lifelike quality. The execution involves using high-resolution textures and lighting effects to create realistic and immersive stickers.

The Haunted House 

Best Leonardo AI Prompts For Photography

8. Photography For Marketing Material

Now, imagine you own a restaurant and you’re creating some Facebook or Google Ads units. With the ability to easily generate product photography, you can definitely attract your audience.

Prompt: A delicious triple meat burger with bacon and yellow cheese, accompanied by a glass of whiskey on the rocks. 

Photography For Marketing Material


Capture the vintage essence as you explore the world of film photography effects. The blend of ribbon steampunk and classic cars creates a perfect recipe for a nostalgic journey.

Prompt: RIBBON STEAMPUNK CAR, a sign that says OFF-ROAD MY PASSION, inspired by Robert J. Brawley, auto-destructive art, symmetrical ornament, 1800, brass debris, detail render, curved bridge, owsley, sweeping arches, sold at an auction, neck rings, Prussia, listing image, centered headdress, ruined subdivision houses, logo. 


10. Dancing Photoshoot

Taking a photo like this can be time-consuming because you need to wait for the perfect angle and pose, among other factors. Now, Leonardo AI can generate dancing images with a simple prompt. If you desire more advanced results, try including different aspects of an image in your text prompt.

Prompt: Young ballerina dancing, detailed, 35mm, F/2.8, 4k, photojournalism, busy background, volumetric lighting, neo-expressionism, art photography, real colors. 

Dancing Photoshoot

11. Realistic Photography 

Leonardo AI is amazing at creating lifelike images. It’s great at making pictures look real with beautiful lighting. It can generate detailed and realistic full-body portraits, like the one of a tough soldier girl in a snowy scene. 

Prompt: (photorealistic), beautiful lighting, best quality, realistic, full body portrait, real picture, intricate details, depth of field, 1girl, in a cold snowstorm, A very muscular solider girl with haircut, wearing winter camo military fatigues, camo plate carrier rig, combat gloves, (magazin pouches), (knee pads), highly-detailed, perfect face, blue eyes, lips, wide hips, small waist, tall, make up, tacticool, Fujifilm XT3, outdoors, bright day, Beautiful lighting, RAW photo, 8k uhd, film grain, ((bokeh))

Realistic Photography 

12. Snow Mountain

In landscape photography, patience is paramount. To capture the Northern Lights, employ long exposures and take multiple shots to achieve the perfect image. Be sure to experiment with the keyword “realistic” as it will yield lifelike results in no time.

Prompt: Snow Mountain, cinematic shot, ultra realistic image, extremely detailed, brush hard, art station, for aaa game, high quality, brush stroke. 

Snow Mountain

13. The Night Sky

Night photography is like chasing elusive dreams in the darkness, where each click of the shutter captures the beauty hidden in the shadows. To create masterpieces under the veil of night, you must wield the power of a skilled photographer armed with a trusty camera and the perfect backdrop. 

Prompt: (background nebulae space fantasy sky), sparks, stars, space, intricate, elegant, smooth, emptiness, fantasy glow, detailed matte fantasy painting, beautiful lighting, Dark colors, black purple orange palette, highly detailed, Digital 2D, concept art, cinematic, cinematic lighting, deviantart artstation, unreal engine, 8k wallpaper.

The Night Sky

14. Micro Lens Photography 

It can replicate detailed textures, making it useful for scientists and artists. With just a few words, it can generate realistic micro-lens pictures, which is exciting for science and art.

Prompt: Beautiful cute ladybug posing on a wet leave, photography close up in a rainy environment. 

Micro Lens Photography 

Best Leonardo AI Prompts For Logo Design 

Leonardo AI is like having an artistic muse in the digital realm, a creative companion that swiftly conjures a plethora of distinctive logo concepts, making the journey of logo creation remarkably efficient, even if the results aren’t flawless.

No. Logo TypeText Prompt
15. Modern DesignDesign a sleek and modern logo for a software development company that also creates high-quality tutorial videos. The logo should communicate the company’s focus on innovation, efficiency, and customer education. The logo should be adaptable to various mediums, including digital and print. 
16. Logo For Software CompanyDesign a sleek and modern logo for KIAT Media, a software development company that also creates high-quality tutorial videos. The logo should communicate the company’s focus on innovation, efficiency, and customer education. The logo should include the company name, “KIAT Media,” and be adaptable to various mediums, including digital and print. The company name is KIAT Media.
17. Educational LogoMake me a financial education logo, where said logo is circular in shape, and finance symbols stand out surrounding a finance teacher, with long hair and big eyes and with glasses, looking straight ahead surrounded by financial symbols that stand out.Colors used are vibrant and are: purple, yellow, green, and orange.The background is white so that the logo can be adaptable to place anywhere.
18. Lock Symbol LogoA logo that features a key or lock symbol, a strong and recognizable representation of the company’s focus on locksmith work, white background, no text, professional, business logo, high quality, creative, white background, without text
19. Logo For Real Estate company A OLD COPPER Minimalist logo, ROUNDED POINTS,  in steampunk style !!, digital painting, Behance, sharp, focus, illustration, hearthstone, art by Artgerm and Greg Rutkowski and alphonse mucha. 
20. Logo Design For DragonDynamic simple logo design of dragon in monitor, flat 2d, vector, company logo, McDonald style, color black and white. 
21. Minimalist Design Simplistic brain lightning, “M”, logo, 2d, vector art, geometric design, minimalistic, 2 d design, retro, FB logo, YouTube logo, company logo, 2 d rendered, symmetry, highly detailed, recognizable, iconic, printable, poster. 
22. Business LogoBusiness logo, AI startup, 4k, artstation, design, minimalist, cute, trendy, wood, floor, living room, icon, add ‘flooring deals’ in center logo.
23. Sports GearDesign a letterform logo for ‘Velocity Sports Gear’ using ‘V’ and ‘S’ in a dynamic style, to signify speed and movement.
24. Letter JLetter J, logo, technology company, logo vector, simple, no realistic details, flat, simple, white background. 
25. EmblemAn emblem for a motorcycle group, vector, simple –no photorealistic details. 

Final Thoughts: Leonardo AI Prompts 

In this guide, I have provided you with 25 Leonardo AI prompts to create different types of images. We gathered these prompts from our real-life experiences, and our team also found some from various communities.

If you found this guide helpful, you may also want to explore Leonardo AI pricing. In the Leonardo AI free plan, you will have access to limited image generation, which is limited to 150 tokens per day. 

This is why if you are just starting to use this platform and want to generate some awesome pieces, you may want to consider their premium plan.

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