13 Best Stable Diffusion XL or SDXL Photorealistic Prompts

The stable diffusion XL or SDXL model enables the generation of highly detailed photorealistic images using shorter text prompts than the previous Stable Diffusion models. 

But sometimes it may vary, and using the same prompts in the SDXL model as in other Stable Diffusion models may yield varied and potentially suboptimal results.

Best SDXL Photorealistic prompts

That’s why I am sharing a curated list of the best SDXL prompts for realistic images, compiled from our team and various forums.

So, let’s delve in…

Best Stable Diffusion XL Photorealistic Prompts

I generate images at 1024×1024 and resize them to speed up my webpage. But you can also set its parameters to 768×768 or 512×512.

Here, for each type of photorealistic image, I will first provide a brief explanation of that type. 

Then, I will present the prompt and discuss whether you should use a negative prompt or not, providing an example.

SDXL Photorealistic Prompt for Interior Design: 

We all know that a photorealistic image of interior design is like a super-detailed, ultra-realistic picture of what a room could look like. 

It’s so lifelike that you might think it’s an actual photo! 

And of course, it helps us imagine how a room will feel before it’s actually built or decorated.

So let’s see the prompt that will help you to do it,

SDXL Photorealistic Prompt result for Interior Design

Prompt: “Photorealistic Image of a modern living room with sleek furniture, soft neutral tones, and plenty of natural light. Emphasize the interplay of textures and the cozy ambiance. Raw photo, photorealistic, highly detailed, UHD, HDR, 64K”

I know this prompt is not short, but to achieve a comprehensive interior with the level of detail and overview you desire, it is necessary. 

In this case, I do not employ a negative prompt. However, you have the option to use the following one if you prefer.

Negative Prompt: Exterior, fluorescent lighting, cluttered or overly busy patterns, heavy furniture, harsh color contrasts

Medical Rendering: 

In a photorealistic medical rendering, you can observe organs, tissues, and even intricate details like blood vessels. It’s akin to having a clear window into the body, isn’t it? 

Therefore, without a suitable prompt, your image may not achieve such a lifelike representation.

photorealistic image of cross-section of the human brain,

Prompt: Create a detailed, photorealistic image of a cross-section of the human brain, highlighting distinct regions like the cerebral cortex and hippocampus. Ensure precise depiction of neural pathways and anatomical structures for accurate medical visualization.

Negative prompt: Unrealistic colors, exaggerated textures, unnecessary embellishments, blurred, cropped, bad quality, cartoon,

SDXL Prompt for Photorealistic People: 

Realistic images of people have gained popularity in a wide range of applications, including advertising, product packaging, and even video games. 

Photorealistic image of Tony Stark

Prompt: Photorealistic image of Tony Stark, ultra-realistic, studio, 8d render, oil painting,8k, studio lighting, high-quality

And yes generating a photorealistic image of any celebrity is very simple with the SDXL model. 

Just provide the character’s name along with some additional words, as demonstrated in the above prompt, and include some basic negative words.

For Example: Cartoon, blurred, bad quality, cropped, etc.

You can also use Close-up portraits and full-body shots in your prompt if you want these types of images.

Nature Prompt: 

We generally use natural images as desktop wallpapers, travel brochures, and even home decor. Some examples of popular photorealistic images of nature include:

  • Landscapes of mountains, forests, and beaches
  • Close-up photos of flowers and plants
  • Wildlife photos of animals in their natural habitats

So, let’s see a prompt for a Close-up photo of a flower:

blooming sunflower

Prompt: Close-up photography with the mesmerizing petals of a blooming sunflower. Showcase the intricate details, vibrant hues, and delicate textures.

Negative Prompt:  Cropped, Dull, Faded Colors, Blurred, Out of Focus, Uninspiring Angles, Cut-off Subjects, Unrelated Elements

Photorealistic Architecture Prompt: 

house of Indochina style

Prompt: Indone house of Indochina style, subtle lighting, and surrounding cityscape. cg architects, high-resolution, soft

Negative prompt: blurry, poorly detailed, rundown building, low-quality sketch,  unclear structure

Prompt for Real Images of Food:

Whether you need close-up shots of dishes, food spreads featuring a variety of dishes, or food art and creative compositions, you can use the following prompt as your inspiration.

noodles soup

Prompt: Ultrarealistic image of a steaming bowl of noodles soup on a rustic wooden table. Details of the texture of the noodles, the translucency of the broth, and the reflections in the soup spoon.

SDXL Prompt for Photorealistic Products:

To create online stores, promote products on social media, and even develop marketing materials for both print and digital advertising, we often require actual images of the product. 

So, let’s take a look at an example of a lifestyle image of a product.

lawnmower in a lush garden

Prompt: Photorealistic image of a lawnmower in a lush garden. Details of the mower’s machinery, and the surrounding plants are vivid and lifelike.  

Negative prompt: low-quality, unrealistic image of person, barren yard, cropped

Realistic Animals Prompt: 

If you’re looking to develop educational materials, advocate for animal welfare, or even create art, employ concise prompts in the SDXL model, as below:

Royal Bengal tiger in its natural habitat

Prompt: Real image of a wild Royal Bengal tiger in its natural habitat. Genuine wildlife photograph.

As the model is designed to generate real images, it is enough, but if you desire a more detailed depiction of a specific scene, you should elaborate the prompt.

Photorealistic Vehicles Prompt: 

Now, I’m going to formulate a prompt that can assist you in generating concept art for future vehicles.

Futuristic Car

Prompt: Futuristic Car, Concept art, highlighting sleek designs and innovative features. Make the image captivating and visually appealing to enthrall gaming and automotive enthusiasts alike.

Fantasy Photorealistic Prompt: 

fearsome dragon

Prompt: A vivid image of a fearsome dragon soaring majestically through a dramatic, cloud-streaked sky. Detail intricate scales, menacing gaze, and powerful wingspan.

Negative prompt:  poorly rendered, cartoonish, exaggerated features, unrealistic, low-quality representation, fake dragon

SDXL Prompt Abstract: 

We often need abstract images to create home decor, art prints, and even marketing materials. 

SDXL Prompt result for Abstract art

Prompt: Create an abstract, surreal scene that blurs the boundaries of reality and imagination. Dreamlike elements, vibrant colors, and unusual shapes evoke a sense of wonder and intrigue.

Realistic Fashion Prompt:

Emma Stone in the style of Stefan Kostic

Prompt: Emma Stone in the style of Stefan Kostic, blonde hair, natural makeup, standing outside, showing belly, slim toned body, highly detailed clothes, highly detailed face, freckles

Travel Places:

Photorealistic images of travel are popular for a variety of reasons. They can be used to create travel brochures, promote tourism destinations, and even create marketing materials for travel companies. 

Grand Canyon at sunset

Prompt: An image capturing the iconic beauty of the Grand Canyon at sunset. Showcase the vastness of the canyon, the play of colors in the sky, and the rugged terrain. 

Negative prompt: lackluster representation, midday, dull colors, minimal detail, mundane, unimpressive light

Final Verdict:

I know there might be other examples. If you find something please let me know in the comment section below.

However, if you want to try creating a new prompt for realistic images with SDXL, I’ve compiled a set of words during my prompt creation. 

You can also incorporate the following words in your prompt or read SDXL prompt guide for improved results.

16mm, cartoon, color graded portra 400 film, shot with cinematic camera, photorealistic, textured skin, remarkable detailed pupils, realistic dull skin noise, visible skin detail,

And finally, I want to say that always opt for Guidance scale 7. In my experience, it consistently yields superior results.

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