77+ Stable Diffusion Styles for SDXL and Other SD Models

Besides any Stable diffusion models, we all know that prompts are the key to success in generating various styles of images. 

Stable Diffusion styles are a collection of pre-trained prompts that you can use to influence the style of images.

Stable Diffusion Styles for SDXL and Other SD Models

That’s why, in this post, I won’t just reveal the top stable diffusion styles for you to incorporate into your work. 

I’ll also guide you on crafting your own styles for SDXL and other SD models, drawing inspiration from images from various sources.

77 SDXL Styles

We all know that the SDXL stands as the latest model of stable diffusion, boasting the capability to generate a myriad of styles. 

So, first, we are going to share 77 SDXL styles, each accompanied by the special extension SDXL Style Selector that comes with Automatic 1111.

SDxl Styles

To use the following prompt templates, simply remove the [prompt] or [my words] placeholder from each one and insert your desired words.

Analog Film:

Analog Film style

Prompt: Analog film photo [prompt] with faded tones, desaturation, 35mm style, grainy texture, vignette, vintage aesthetics, and a touch of Kodachrome or Lomography influence.

Negative Prompt: Painting, drawing, glitch effects, deformed elements, cross-eyed characters, disfigured style, blurry, unrealistic.


Architectural style

Prompt: An architectural concept [prompt] with sleek lines, modern elements, urban aesthetics, and detailed structures that convey a sense of functionality and aesthetics.

Negative Prompt: Rural architectural design, low-contrast, unrealistic elements, cartoon, anime, blurry, cropped.

Cinematic style:

cinematic style

Prompt: A cinematic scene, [prompt], dramatic lighting, storytelling composition, high contrast, movie frame.

Negative Prompt: vintage, low-contrast, unrealistic, over cinematic atmosphere, unrealistic.

Comic Book Style:

comic book  style

Prompt: A comic book scene [prompt], dynamic character, expressive emotions, bold lines, vibrant colors, sequential art.

Negative Prompt: Deformed elements, mutated appearance, cross-eyed characters, disfigured style.

Anime Style:

Anime style

Prompt Template: An anime scene [prompt] with vibrant characters, dynamic poses, expressive emotions, detailed backgrounds, and a touch of Japanese animation aesthetics.

Negative prompt: Painting, drawing, glitchy or deformed style, cross-eyed characters, ugly elements, intentional disfigurement.


Disco style

Prompt: A disco-themed visual of [prompt], vibrant colors, dynamic patterns, and a sense of movement, realistic, HD, 8k, capturing the energy and spirit of the disco era.

Negative Prompt: Blurred, muted, monochromatic design, low energy, minimal movement, lack of vibrancy.


Dreamscape style

Prompt: A dreamscape [prompt] with surreal elements, vibrant colors, and imaginative scenes that evoke a dreamlike atmosphere.

Negative Prompt: low quality, bad anatomy, bad color, blurry, cropped


Dreamscape style

Prompt: Dystopian scene [prompt], dark, gritty aesthetics, futuristic elements, and a sense of decay or oppressive atmosphere.

Negative Prompt: low quality, bad anatomy, bad color, blurry, error, unrealistic

Fairy Tale:

Fairy Tale style

Prompt: A fairy tale [prompt] scene with whimsical characters, enchanting landscapes, and a magical atmosphere.

Negative Prompt: Realistic, mundane elements. blurry, error, low quality

Fantasy Art:

fantasy art style

Prompt: A fantasy artwork, [prompt] mythical creatures, and vibrant colors, otherworldly realm.

Negative Prompt: Traditional painting, drawing, low-resolution details, bad quality, blurry, error

Food Photography:

Food photography, focus on presentation

Prompt: Food photography [prompt], focus on presentation, lighting, and composition, highlighting the appetizing qualities of the dishes.

Negative Prompt: painting, drawing, cartoon, low-resolution details, bad quality, blurry. error, unrealistic


Gothic style

Prompt: Design a gothic scene [prompt] with dark aesthetics, intricate details, and a sense of mystery and darkness reminiscent of gothic architecture and art.

Negative Prompt: bad quality, blurry, error



Prompt: Grunge-style artwork [prompt] rough textures, distressed elements, and a sense of urban decay, gritty and rebellious spirit of grunge.

Negative Prompt: Smooth textures, clean elements.

Line Art:

Line Art

Prompt: Create line art [prompt] with bold, clean lines, focusing on shape and form to convey a sense of simplicity and elegance.

Negative Prompt: unclear line, error, improper drawing

Lowpoly artwork:

Prompt: A low-poly artwork [prompt], geometric shapes and minimalistic details, unique visual style.

Negative Prompt: blurry, low quality, bad color


Minimalist style

Prompt: Minimalist artwork [prompt] with simple shapes, clean lines, and a focus on conveying a message or mood with minimal elements.

Negative prompt: cluttered, busy, chaotic, ornate, intricate, complex, embellished, flamboyant, extravagant

Neon Noir:

Neon noir style

Prompt: Neon noir scene [prompt], vibrant neon lights, dark aesthetics, and a sense of mystery reminiscent of cyberpunk aesthetics.

Negative prompt: dull, muted, monochromatic, bland, traditional, plain, subdued, lifeless, ordinary

Neon Punk:

neon punk

Prompt: Design a neon punk artwork [prompt] with vibrant colors, futuristic elements, and a rebellious, punk-inspired atmosphere.

Negative prompt: restrained, conservative, conventional, subdued, traditional, unadorned, tame, conformist, ordinary


origami style

Prompt: Origami artwork [prompt], intricate paper folding, vibrant colors, and a focus on creating visually appealing compositions using folded paper

Negative Prompt: Painting, drawing, glitch effects, deformed elements, a mutated appearance, cross-eyed characters, ugliness.

Paper Mache:

Paper Mache

Prompt: Sculpt an artwork using paper mache [prompt] with a focus on form, texture, and creativity, showcasing the versatility of the material

Negative Prompt: Painting, drawing, illustration with glitch effects, deformed elements, ugliness.


A photograph of Mercedes

Prompt: A photograph [of Mercedes] focuses on composition, lighting, and storytelling, emphasizing the artistry of photography.

Negative Prompt: blurry, unrealistic, cartoon, anime, cropped, bad anatomy, bad color, error, unclear

Pixel Art:

Pixel Art style

Prompt: Pixel art [prompt], blocky, pixelated details, and a focus on creating characters or scenes with a retro, digital aesthetic.

Negative Prompt: blurry, realistic, cartoon, anime, cropped, bad anatomy, bad color, error

Pop Art:

Pop art style

Prompt: Pop art [prompt] with bold colors, iconic imagery, and a sense of popular culture, capturing the vibrant and energetic spirit of the style.

Negative prompt: drab, monotonous, dull, lifeless, bland, unexciting, ordinary, subdued, muted


psychedelic artwork

Prompt: A psychedelic artwork [prompt], vibrant colors, intricate patterns, and a sense of visual distortion, capturing the mind-bending nature of psychedelia.

Negative prompt: mundane, predictable, ordinary, conventional, restrained, plain, unremarkable, subdued, monotonous

 Real Estate:

real estate

Prompt: Visual content for real estate marketing, [prompt] featuring high-quality images that highlight the key features and aesthetics of a property.

Negative prompt: cluttered, disorganized, chaotic, uninviting, outdated, cramped, unappealing, dull, uninspiring

Retro Game:

retro game style

Prompt: [Characters] inspired by retro video games, featuring pixelated graphics, iconic characters, and a sense of nostalgia.

Negative prompt: modern, sleek, sterile, realistic, generic, plain, unadorned, lifeless, unremarkable

Stacked Papercut:

Stacked papercut

Prompt: Stacked papercut artwork [prompt], layered designs, vibrant colors, and a focus on creating visually appealing compositions using cut paper.

Negative prompt: sloppy, uneven, haphazard, messy, disorganized, careless, chaotic, rough, untidy

Stained Glass:

Stained glass

Prompt: Stained glass effect [prompt], featuring vibrant colors, intricate patterns, and a sense of luminosity associated with stained glass art.

Negative prompt: plain, colorless, drab, dull, monotonous, lifeless, unadorned, simple, ordinary

Street Fighter:

Street Fighter

Prompt: Design characters inspired by Street Fighter, featuring dynamic poses, bold colors, and [a sense of martial arts action].

Negative prompt: stiff, lifeless, robotic, bland, unexciting, predictable, generic, unimpressive, lackluster

Techwear Fashion:

Techwear fashion

Prompt: Techwear fashion [prompt] with futuristic aesthetics, cyberpunk elements, and a focus on sleek, urban, and highly detailed designs.

Negative prompt: traditional, outdated, old-fashioned, conservative, bland, non-technical, uninnovative, plain, ordinary


tribal theme

Prompt: Design artwork [prompt] tribal themes, featuring cultural elements, intricate patterns, indigenous aesthetics.

Negative prompt: modern, sterile, plain, unadorned, non-cultural, generic, ordinary, uninspired, bland


watercolor style

Prompt: Create artwork [prompt] using watercolor techniques, featuring fluid colors, subtle gradients, transparency associated with watercolor art.

Negative prompt: sharp, pixelated, digital, artificial, rigid, geometric, synthetic, unrealistic, untextured


Zentangle artwork

Prompt: Craft a Zentangle artwork [prompt], intricate, repetitive patterns.

Negative prompt: chaotic, messy, disorganized, cluttered, irregular, unstructured, random, untidy, haphazard

Have you tallied the number of SDXL styles I’ve already highlighted above?

Yes, 33 out of 76.

Now, I’m providing the remaining 43 style templates that have undergone testing from our end.

Since this is an experimental process, I’m offering these styles without images.

Feel free to choose your favorite and conduct your own tests.

StylePrompt TemplateNegative Prompt
3D ModelRealistic 3D model [prompt], high-poly details, intricate textures, sci-fi elements, futuristic design, and immersive rendering of a futuristic vehicle or architectural structure.hand-drawn image, 2D animation, flat sci-fi concept, static futuristic design, low-poly realism model.
Abstract ArtworkAn abstract artwork [prompt], vibrant colors, dynamic shapes, modern composition, and surreal elements such as a cityscape or emotions.Realistic landscape, portrait illustration, concrete sculpture, straightforward still life, traditional oil painting.
Advertising CampaignCreative advertising campaign with persuasive messaging, strong branding, eye-catching visuals, and sleek promotional materials for [a luxury perfume].amateurish advertisements, dull marketing, unremarkable persuasion, plain promotions, unbranded impact, ineffective.
Alien Concept Alien concept [prompt], extraterrestrial features, otherworldly characteristics, sci-fi elements, imaginative design, and a touch of cosmic mystery.familiar extraterrestrial elements, earthly otherworldliness, ordinary concepts, normal cosmic ideas.
CollageA collage [prompt] with a mix of textures, colors, and elements, visually appealing composition.painting, drawing, deformed elements, mutated, cross-eyed characters, intentional ugliness.
Craft ClayCraft clay [prompt] with intricate details, vibrant colors, focus on showcasing the malleability and versatility of the material.Painting, drawing, deformed elements, bluffy, cropped, low quality.
CubistA cubist artwork [prompt] featuring geometric shapes, fragmented forms, and a unique perspective.Realistic, detailed illustration with concrete forms, traditional artistic styles.
Digital ArtDigital artwork, [prompt] high-resolution details, futuristic elements, focus on utilizing digital tools to create a visually stunning piece.Traditional painting, drawing, low-resolution details, bad quality, blurry.
EnhanceEnhance a photograph [prompt] using creative editing techniques, color correction, texture manipulation, light adjustments.Low quality, blurry, cropped, cartoon, anime, error.
Fighting GameDesign a scene [prompt] inspired by fighting games, dynamic poses, bold colors, and a sense of action and intensity.realistic, static poses, dull colors,
Film NoirA film noir scene, [prompt], high contrast, dramatic lighting, sense of mystery and suspense, reminiscent of classic film noir aesthetics.Low contrast, bright lighting, lack of the dark and mysterious atmosphere associated with film noir.
Flat PapercutFlat papercut artwork [prompt] with intricate designs, vibrant colors, and focus on creating visually appealing compositions using cut paper.Painting, drawing, deformed elements, mutated appearance, cross-eyed characters, ugliness.
GTA (Grand Theft Auto)Artwork inspired by Grand Theft Auto, [urban landscapes], dynamic characters, sense of action and chaos.Unrealistic, low quality, blurry, cropped, anime, cartoon
GraffitiGraffiti art with vibrant colors, dynamic lettering, expressive images, raw and energetic essence of [street art].muted colors, static lettering, lack of expressive energy.
HDR (High Dynamic Range)HDR photograph [prompt], wide range of tones, vibrant colors, enhanced details, dynamic beauty of the scene.low quality, blurry, error
HorrorA horror scene [prompt], dark aesthetics, eerie details, sense of fear and suspense, classic horror theme.mundane, ordinary, unthreatening, serene, peaceful, comforting, bright, cheerful, unremarkable
HyperrealismHyperrealistic artwork [prompt], meticulous details, precise rendering, emphasis on achieving a level of realism that mimics photography.abstract, impressionistic styles.
ImpressionistAn impressionist artwork [prompt] with loose brushstrokes, vibrant colors, and a focus on capturing the essence of a scene rather than precise details.Tight brushstrokes, muted colors, low quality.
IsometricIsometric-style scene [prompt], three-dimensional elements, unique perspective, creating an illusion of depth and space.flat, two-dimensional, lifeless, dull, uninspired, ordinary, non-perspective, untextured, uncreative
KirigamiKirigami artwork [prompt] with intricate paper cutting, vibrant colors, and a focus on creating visually appealing compositions using folded and cut paper.Painting, drawing, illustration with glitch effects, deformed elements, a mutated appearance, cross-eyed characters, ugliness.
Legend of ZeldaDesign artwork [prompt] inspired by the Legend of Zelda series, featuring fantastical landscapes, iconic characters, and a sense of adventure and magic.plain, generic, unadventurous, uninspiring, non-fantastical, unremarkable, dull, non-epic, lifeless
Long ExposureA photograph [prompt] using long exposure techniques, surreal effects with light and motion, and emphasizing the passage of time.sharp, frozen, still, uneventful, static, non-blurred, ordinary, non-dynamic, uninteresting
MinecraftDesign artwork inspired by Minecraft, blocky landscapes, pixelated characters, [a sense of creativity and exploration].realistic, detailed, intricate, textured, high-definition, non-blocky, non-pixelated, smooth, non-cuboid
MonochromeMonochrome artwork [prompt], single color or shades of a single color, focusing on the use of tones to convey mood and depth.vibrant, colorful, multicolored, polychromatic, lively, varied, diverse, chromatic, vivid
NauticalDesign artwork, nautical themes, featuring oceanic elements, maritime symbols, [sense of adventure on the sea].non-nautical, landlocked, urban, terrestrial, non-maritime, inland, non-seafaring, unseaworthy, non-oceanic
Paper QuillingA paper quilling artwork [prompt], intricate designs, vibrant colors, rolled paper strips.Painting, drawing, deformed elements, a mutated appearance
Papercut CollageCraft a papercut collage with intricate designs, [prompt] vibrant colors, compositions using cut and layered paper.messy, disorganized, haphazard, uncoordinated, chaotic, cluttered, untidy, slapdash, sloppy
Papercut Shadow BoxCraft a papercut shadow box [prompt] with layers of paper creating depth and shadows, incorporating intricate designs and vibrant colors.flat, one-dimensional, non-layered, plain, untextured, non-depth, uncreative, monotonous, lifeless
PointillismPointillism artwork [prompt] with small, distinct dots of color, creating a visually blended image when viewed from a distance.blended, smooth, non-dotted, continuous, seamless, undetailed, untextured, uninteresting, non-stippled
PokémonDesign artwork inspired by Pokémon, [prompt] featuring iconic creatures, vibrant colors, and a sense of adventure and exploration.realistic, non-cartoonish, non-animated, detailed, high-definition, non-stylized, non-fantastical, non-pixelated, unbranded
RPG Fantasy GameDesign characters or scenes inspired by RPG fantasy games, featuring fantastical landscapes, mythical creatures, and [a sense of adventure].generic, non-fantastical, uninspired, non-immersive, uncreative, non-epic, non-mystical, unremarkable, non-adventurous
RenaissanceArtwork inspired by the Renaissance era, featuring [classical themes], detailed craftsmanship, and a sense of balance and harmony.modern, non-classical, plain, unornamented, unembellished, non-elaborate, non-regal, non-lavish, non-opulent
Retro ArcadeArtwork, inspired by retro arcades, featuring pixelated graphics, vibrant colors, and a sense of nostalgia for [classic] arcade games.modern, non-pixelated, realistic, detailed, non-low resolution, untextured, non-8-bit
SilhouetteArtwork using silhouette techniques, [prompt] focusing on the outline and form of subjects, often against a contrasting background.detailed, textured, colorful, well-defined
SpaceDesign space-themed artwork [prompt], celestial elements, vibrant colors, and a sense of the vastness and mystery of the cosmos.terrestrial, non-celestial, non-cosmic, unextraterrestrial, non-galactic, non-otherworldly
SteampunkSteampunk-inspired artwork [prompt] with Victorian aesthetics, mechanical elements, and a sense of anachronistic technology.modern, unadorned, unembellished, non-antique
Strategy GameDesign characters inspired by strategy games, featuring intricate details, strategic elements, [sense of tactical warfare].non-strategic, unchallenging, unengaging
Super MarioArtwork inspired by Super Mario, featuring iconic characters, pixelated graphics, and [a sense of whimsy and adventure].dull, lifeless, bland, unanimated, uninspiring, monochromatic, non-iconic, realistic, unwhimsical
SurrealistArtwork with surrealist elements [prompt], dreamlike features, vibrant colors, or a sense of the subconscious.logical, mundane, realistic, uncreative, ordinary, conventional, straightforward, unimaginative
Texture[prompt] focus on texture, emphasizing tactile qualities and surface details, enhance the visual and sensory experience.smooth, flat, featureless, untextured, monotonous, non-tactile, plain, unpatterned
Thick Layered PapercutA thick layered papercut artwork [prompt], multiple layers, intricate designs, vibrant colors.thin, flat, one-dimensional, non-layered, untextured, non-multilayered, plain
Tilt-ShiftCapture a photograph [prompt] using tilt-shift techniques, selective focus effect.focused, clear, sharp, non-blurred, non-miniature, unaltered
TypographyArtwork [prompt], typography, letters and words, visual elements to convey meaning and aesthetics.Artwork [prompt], typography, use letters and words as visual element to convey meaning and aesthetics.

Now let’s see how SDXL’s base style works:

Prompt: A white kitten on a blue hammock with a palm tree on a semi-transparent sunny beach under rainbow skies.

Negative Prompt: low quality, blurry, bad color, bad quality, error, cropped

sdxl's base style

These are the 77 styles that come with the SDXL style selector.

However, it doesn’t end here.

Now, if you desire additional styles and seek inspiration from any source, let’s delve into how you can achieve this.

How to Create, Add/Delete Styles

In this section, I am going to show you how to create Stable Diffusion styles suitable for all models including SDXL taking inspiration from any site.

Whether you are using automatic 1111 or any other web UI, you can easily create styles.

But before diving in, remember:

Styles empower you to incorporate personalized text into prompts. Employ the {prompt} token within the style text, and it will seamlessly integrate with your prompt upon application.

Alternatively, the text from the style will be appended to the end of the prompt.

So, first of all, find your inspiration. In my case, I have chosen the below prompt.

Prompt: Sticker {of an ultra-detailed portrait of Morena Baccarin}, high-quality cell-shaded illustration in post-apocalyptic style by Yoji Shinkawa, dynamic pose, perfect anatomy, centered, freedom, soul, red long hair, approach to perfection, cell shading, 4k, cinematic dramatic atmosphere.

Negative prompt: Men, blurry, disfigured, deformed, toy, cartoon, poorly drawn, extra limbs, close up, weird colors, blurry, watermark, blur haze

Now test the prompt style by just generating an image.

Sticker style

Okay, I want to go with this image style.

Now, click on the pencil icon just right of the style and you will land on the page to give data for style.

Here you should use the generic style, in my case, I am replacing {of an ultra-detailed portrait of Morena Baccarin} by {prompt} and hit the save button.

Screenshot to save style in SD

In this way, you can save your preferred style effortlessly for future use. To delete a style, simply select it and press the delete button—easy as that!

If you’re still unsure or looking for more styles, check out this GitHub page.

There, you’ll find 52 pre-made styles ready for download. Some are brand new, while others have already been discussed in this post.

Final Verdict:

I hope you’ve discovered your desired styles or have the ability to create a new style on your own.

Before you go, keep in mind that styles are usually named after artists or art movements, serving to mimic a specific artist’s style or to craft a more general artistic flair.

So, keep experimenting to achieve perfection. If there’s anything I missed, please let me know in the comment section below.

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