29 Best Stable Diffusion Sci-Fi Prompts, Including Cyberpunk

In this blog post, you get a curated collection of Stable Diffusion sci-fi prompts, with a particular focus on the gritty and mesmerizing world of Cyberpunk.

As science fiction includes various subgenres, each with its distinct themes, settings, and characteristics, the prompts are organized by their subgenre.

So, without any delay, let’s dive into the prompts…

Best Stable Diffusion Sci-Fi Prompts

I have used various stable diffusion models throughout my experimentation, but if you need a proper style selector, you can explore SDXL styles using SDXL models.

Space Opera:

Space Opera prompt result

Prompt: Interstellar battle near the galactic core: colossal starships clash with energy weapons amid cosmic chaos. A lone spaceship, adorned with vibrant insignias, maneuvers gracefully against a backdrop of swirling nebulae, enhancing the epic space opera scale.

Hard Science Fiction:

Hard Science Fiction Prompt example

Prompt: Research station on Europa, Jupiter’s moon, scientists in advanced space suits collect samples from the icy crust, analyzing the terrain with precision instruments and holographic displays showing subsurface ocean data.

Dystopian and Post-Apocalyptic:

Dystopian and Post-Apocalyptic

Prompt: Nature-reclaimed cityscape, skyscrapers overgrown with vines. In the foreground, a lone figure walks through the haunting post-apocalyptic remnants.

Time Travel:

Time Travel

Prompt: A time-traveling vessel suspended in the temporal rift, surrounded by swirling vortexes of energy. The sleek spacecraft, equipped with intricate time manipulation devices, hovers amidst a kaleidoscope of historical scenes, and transparent viewing panels.

Alternate History:

Alternate History

Prompt: Alternate Earth: Victorian metropolis with steam airships, bustling streets with clockwork automatons, and towering brass structures—divergent steampunk history.



Prompt: In a Subterranean lab, scientists manipulate DNA to create bioengineered creatures with phosphorescent patterns. The surreal menagerie emits an otherworldly glow in the futuristic space.

Military Science Fiction:

Military Science Fiction

Prompt: Alien battlefield, armored soldiers with futuristic weaponry clash against extraterrestrial foes. Explosions ripple through the alien terrain, hovering assault vehicles leaving energy trails—a scene of intense sci-fi warfare.



Prompt: A Victorian cityscape where steam-powered dirigibles soar above ornate clockwork towers. Streets lined with cobblestones are filled with characters adorned in elaborate steampunk attire, complete with brass goggles and intricate gear-driven accessories, a visually captivating steampunk world.

Social Science Fiction:

Social Science Fiction

Prompt: Futuristic city with floating habitats, divided by class. Affluent upper levels feature opulent skyscrapers; lower levels, in perpetual darkness, lit by neon signs. Bridges and elevators connect, emphasizing social disparities in this visually striking sci-fi setting.

Soft Science Fiction:

Soft Science Fiction

Prompt: Alien marketplace on a distant planet, vendors sell exotic goods under bioluminescent canopies. Visitors, with unique features, explore a diverse array of wares in a soft sci-fi scene highlighting cultural diversity.

First Contact:

First Contact

Prompt: First contact, Massive spacecraft adorned with symbols hover over landmarks. Diplomats cautiously approach, creating an awe-inspiring image of interstellar communication.

Apocalyptic Science Fiction:

Apocalyptic Science Fiction

Prompt: Futuristic city ravaged by a solar storm, survivors in high-tech gear navigate ruins, scavenging amidst remnants of advanced tech—a haunting apocalyptic scene.

Space Western:

Space Western

Prompt: Dusty Martian frontier town, settlers in space suits gather at a saloon with an airlock entrance. Hovercrafts rest outside as a red planet sunset paints the landscape, blending Western aesthetics with futuristic space exploration.



Prompt: A laboratory where scientists manipulate nanobots with precision, assembling intricate structures on a microscopic scale. The air shimmers with the glow of nanomachines as they construct advanced materials, offering a glimpse into the nanotechnological wonders of a nanopunk future.

Now, as cyberpunk is very popular for its visual aesthetics, neon-lit cityscapes, and rebellious narratives, we focus on it in detail.

Top Stable Diffusion Cyberpunk Prompts

To test the following prompts I am using the SDXL model with a proper SDXL negative prompt:

blurry, out of frame, blurred, amateur, ugly, low quality, cropped, bad quality, sketch, low resolution, warped, crooked, deformed, cartoony, low detail.

You also can use the above negative prompt while working on cyberpunk prompts.

Now let’s see how my prompt generates images…

augmented reality fashion

Prompt: High-tech runway: models showcase augmented reality clothing. Holographic garments change patterns, blurring fashion and technology in this cyberpunk catwalk.

It is an example of an augmented reality fashion prompt. If you need more fashion prompts, read our article on stable diffusion clothing prompts.

Okay, now, let’s see more cyberpunk Prompts for stable diffusion:

Skyline Hacktivist ProjectionsHacktivists use projectors to overlay the city skyline with subversive messages. The augmented reality landscape transforms as characters navigate a cyberpunk uprising.
Neon RainstormCityscape drenched in neon lights, rain reflecting the glow on wet streets. Mysterious figure navigates alleys in the cybernetic metropolis.
Virtual Reality BazaarBustling marketplace in a virtual realm with holographic displays and augmented reality. Characters converge in a cyber bazaar blending digital and physical worlds.
Hovering SkyscrapersSkyline dominated by towering skyscrapers defying gravity, casting long shadows over the sprawling city. Air traffic weaves through the floating architecture.
Neural Dive BarDimly lit underground bar where patrons plug into neural interfaces, immersing in virtual realities. Cyber dive with the hum of servers and glowing neural implants.
Android AlleyNarrow city alley lined with discarded android parts. Rebels modify and repair androids amid towering corporate structures.
Data RainTorrent of glowing data streams falling like rain. Characters traverse the digital downpour with umbrellas embedded with holographic shields.
Nano-Graffiti RebellionCity walls covered in shifting nano-graffiti responding to emotions. Underground artists rebel against corporate ads with programmable nano-paint.
Skyborne MegacityMegacity suspended in the sky, connected by skybridges. Airships and hovercraft navigate the vertical cityscape.
Chromatic Underground ClubUnderground nightclub pulsating with shifting neon lights. Holographic dancers and AR performances create an immersive experience.
Memory Market SquareBustling marketplace where individuals trade memories as holographic orbs. Characters negotiate the purchase of memories in the surreal square.
Synthetic Rainforest OasisHidden oasis within the city—an artificial rainforest with towering holographic trees. Characters seek refuge in this synthetic paradise.
Cybernetic Street PerformersCrowded streets alive with cybernetic street performers, adorned with interactive displays. Passersby mesmerized by the dance of light and sound.
Glowing Data CanalCanal filled with flowing data streams representing digital communication. Characters navigate on neon-lit boats, interacting with cascading data currents.

Okay, we have seen some prompts to generate sci-fi images, now if you want to generate them on your end the most important thing is the model.

So, let’s discuss models for sci-fi images:

Best Stable Diffusion Sci-Fi Models

If you’re new to stable diffusion, you might not know how a model affects image generation. But if you’re experienced, you’re aware.

You also understand that finding the right model for a specific artistic style is challenging and time-consuming.

So, after lots of testing, we’ve put together a list of 5 sci-fi models for stable diffusion.

1. Sci-Fi Diffusion v1.0:

The model, titled “Sci-Fi Diffusion v1.0,” is a generalist Sci-Fi model based on SD v2.X.

It has been trained on 26,949 high-resolution and quality sci-fi-themed images for 2 epochs, equivalent to around 53,898 steps/iterations.

The training resolution was 640, but it performs well at higher resolutions.

Noteworthy features include its early version status, being in development, and its recommendation for samplers, such as Euler, Euler A, and DPM++ SDE Karras.

The base model is SD 1.5, and it is checkpoint-trained. The training trigger words include “SCI-FI,” “CASPIAN SCI-FI,” “STAR ATLAS,” “STAR CITIZEN,” and “RENDER.”

2. Sci-fi Environments:

The “Sci-fi Environments” model is designed to generate stunning sci-fi environments with a cinematic style.

Drawing inspiration from the realms of science fiction, this AI model excels at crafting immersive and visually captivating worlds.

Key features of the model include:

  1. Themes: Tailored for generating backgrounds related to cyber, sci-fi, cityscape, landscape, and general environments.
  2. Model Type: Labeled as “LORA.”
  3. Base Model: Built on SDXL 1.0.

3. Sci-Fi Angels:

The “Sci-Fi Angels” model is designed to create anime-style characters with a focus on angels.

Key details:

  • Strength Setting: The LORA has a strength setting of 0.6.
  • Trigger Words: The model responds to trigger words, including “SCIFI_ANGEL.”
  • Base Model: Built on SD 1.5.
  • Training Details: Trained for 10 epochs with 1,200 steps.

4. SciFi Ground Vehicles:

The “SciFi Ground Vehicles” model is designed to generate science fiction-themed ground vehicles, with a particular emphasis on cyberpunk and military aesthetics.

Usage Tips:

  • Recommended Weight: ~0.8
  • Trained on BriXL, which has a strong bias on SciFi, so users may need to adjust the weight if they desire more science fiction vibes.
  • Trigger words include “SCIENCE FICTION,” “VEHICLE,” “GROUND,” “HOVERING,” and “MILITARY.”

Training Details:

  • Base Model: SDXL 1.0
  • Trained for 40 epochs with 4,000 steps.
  • CLIP SKIP: 1

5. Sci-Fi Outfits – Wildcards:

The “Sci-Fi Outfits – Wildcards” model is a collection of sci-fi-themed outfit suggestions for use in sci-fi renders.

Requirements: To use this Wildcard collection, you need the Dynamic Prompts extension for Stable Diffusion.

The extension should be placed in the stable-diffusion-webui >> extensions >> sd-dynamic-prompts folder.

  • Base Model: SD 1.5
  • CLIP SKIP: 2

Final Verdict:

If you use these models according to your desired prompts, I hope you can create effective images.

So, use the prompts as you need, and do not forget to edit them as you desire because AI art becomes perfect through experiments.

If you need more help with any other prompts, feel free to ask me by commenting below.

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