How to Create an Advanced Character in CharacterAI in 2024

CharacterAI advanced characters let us engage in unique and desired conversations that simple characters can’t.

But making an advanced character isn’t easy.

To craft a unique and interesting bot, you should pay attention to details like definition, greetings, personality, tone, and more.

And if you don’t know how to write the above things, then this article will really help you.

How To Create Character AI Advance Character

Because I personally created 10 to 15 different types of characters with unique personalities, and the characters are loved by community users also.

So from my previous experience here, I will mention every important step in detail so that your search stops here after reading this article.

Let’s jump into the steps.

How to Create an Advanced Character in CharacterAI

In this section, I’ll guide you through creating an advanced character in Character AI.

If you already know the process and just want tips for creating an advanced character, you can skip the steps and head straight to the advanced character creation tips below.

CharacterAI Advanced Character creation steps

1. After logging into your Character AI account, click on the + icon in the left-side menu and choose “Create a Character” from the pop-up menu.

2. Fill in all the details of the character, from name to avatar. If you’re unsure about the process, be patient; you’ll find all the tips below.

3. Now, to craft an advanced character, click on “Definition (Advanced),” and you will land to create your dream character.

From here, your journey begins to create an advanced character.

But if you want to edit your existing character and make it advanced, follow these steps:

Making advanced of an Existing character

First, click on the character you wish to upgrade.

Next, click on the three dots and select “Character Profile” from the dropdown menu.

Then, click on “Edit Character.”

Now, read the tips below and make your character more engaging and unique.

Tips to Create CharacterAI Advanced character

Here we discuss how you should fill in all the details from character greeting to definition so that you can handle your character as you wise.

Step 1: Coming Up With a Character Idea

The way your character engages in conversations depends on its characteristics

If you create a character who is a teacher teaching us about the Spanish language, the conversation will certainly revolve around teaching Spanish, right?

You can also define the behavior of your character, choosing traits like rudeness, friendliness, or being boring, among others, to shape the teacher’s characteristics.

Character AI home page

So, I want to say that your initial step is to discover a character idea. If you’re struggling to come up with one, here are five character ideas you can use:

  • ChefBot: A character dedicated to cooking and recipes, offering culinary advice and meal suggestions.
  • CodeGenius: A programming-savvy bot assisting with coding problems and programming languages.
  • JazzBot: A musical bot passionate about sharing tunes, discussing music theory, and recommending playlists.
  • WellnessPal: A health-focused bot promoting wellness tips, exercise routines, and healthy lifestyle choices.
  • GreenThumb: A bot specializing in gardening tips, plant care, and landscaping advice.

You can also try community-created best Character AI bots and from them, you can also take ideas for characters.

Step 2: Choosing A Right Name For Your Character 

Character AI bot name

The choice of a name for your character can significantly impact community users

A name that’s easy to remember and pronounce, like “SparkyBot,” can make the bot more approachable and friendly. 

On the other hand, a name like “Professor Byte” might imply knowledge and expertise, making users more likely to trust its information.

Additionally, the name can set expectations about the bot’s capabilities. For example, a bot named “Detective AIce ” might lead users to expect problem-solving or mystery-solving abilities.

Overall, the chosen name shapes users’ perceptions of the bot’s personality, expertise, and purpose, influencing their willingness to engage and interact with it.

So, take time before choosing the name of your character so that not only you but also everyone who sees your character, is interested in chatting with them.

Step 3: Create An Engaging Greeting

Character AI Greetings

The second most important step in creating Character AI advance character is to craft a meaningful greeting

Starting a conversation with a good greeting is crucial for setting a positive tone and engaging the other person.

That’s why, this is the place where you get the opportunity to convey information about your character’s personality, actions, and thoughts. 

But remember, we’ve seen that lots of people use lengthy greetings to convey their character’s personality, but this is not the right approach.

Because sometimes this lengthy greeting makes users doubtful of how and where to start a conversation.

This is why my suggestion is: Instead of providing a lengthy character description, you can use parentheses to give direct instructions to the AI. 

For example:

If you created a character who will give travel planning tips, then the simple and direct greeting will be like this:

“Hi! (Glad to help with travel plans.) Where are you thinking of going or (what specific travel details do you need assistance with)?”

If your character is mysterious or funky:

“Ah, a new face! (In my quest to protect this realm,) what troubles do you seek to resolve or learn about?”

However, you can learn how to write a great greeting from our guide Character AI Greeting Ideas.

Step 4: Defining Physical Appearance

Once you’ve created a great greeting for your character, now it’s time to give your character a physical identity.

Physical Identity means your character’s physical traits and features including height, gender, hair, facial features, and size and you can write these in the Long Description box

Character description

However, it’s important to focus solely on physical appearance at this stage and avoid including information related to personality or dialogue. 

Remember, there is a limit to the amount of text the AI model can recall, so be concise and descriptive. 

Example 1: At 5 feet 10 inches, Javier possesses an athletic physique, evident in the defined muscles beneath his olive-toned skin. His dark, tousled hair falls just above his piercing hazel eyes, adding an enigmatic allure to his rugged features. A faint scar runs along his jawline, hinting at a past shrouded in mystery. Javier’s attire usually consists of well-worn leather jackets layered over graphic tees, paired with faded jeans and sturdy boots.

Example 2: Petite and slender at 5 feet 4 inches, Nina carries herself with an air of grace. Her chestnut brown curls cascade down her shoulders, framing a heart-shaped face adorned with soft, doe-like brown eyes. A smattering of freckles dusts her nose and cheeks, adding to her youthful charm. Nina’s style leans towards vintage chic, often seen in tailored blazers, high-waisted trousers, and accessorized with classic pearl earrings. 

Step 5: Shaping Personality

Now that you’ve established the physical attributes of your character, it’s time to shape the character’s personality. 

To customize your character’s personality, you need to go to the advanced setting option and then you will find the box named ‘Definition‘.

If you have followed the above steps then you are on the right page, just scroll down and find the section.

character definition

In this box, you can provide information about your character’s background and traits. 

This is where you can delve into the depths of their personality and create a multidimensional character. 

But remember, write your character definition within 3200 characters and make sure that within this word limit, you cover every important aspect of your character.

Consider using the {{char}} formatting to provide insights into your character’s thoughts and behaviors. 

Here’s an example of what an advanced definition section might look like:

{{char}}: Meet Alex, a savvy tech entrepreneur in their 30s. I am a brilliant problem-solver, always thinking ahead and turning challenges into opportunities. With a calm confidence, I navigate the business world, blending innovation with a minimalist style. Behind their reserved demeanor is a determined spirit, passionate about technology, and quietly supportive of others. Despite a focus on work, I cherish nature and fiercely protect those close to me.

Additionally, here you can also add messages within 32000 characters to understand your character in a better way.

But if you’re not aware of it, then refer to our post on the Best CharacterAI definition templates.

Because one wrong message can destroy your character’s personality.

Step 6: Choose a Category for Your Character 


Choosing the category that suits your character’s characteristics and behavior is also one of the most important factors when creating an advanced character in Character AI.

After considering the aforementioned factors, you need to select a category for your character.

This choice will assist the bot in determining its actual functions and will also help other users discover your character within the community.

There are hundreds of character categories available on the platform, such as animals, fashion, image generation, fantasy games, anime, etc.

You can choose any of them based on your character.

If none of these categories fit your character, our suggestion is not to select any other category and leave this section blank.

Step 7: Select a Voice Tone

When creating an advanced character, it’s crucial to incorporate every aspect to enhance the character’s quality. 

A well-developed character not only elevates the overall quality but also makes interacting with them more enjoyable.

To enhance your character’s quality further, incorporating a distinctive voice tone is essential.

This allows others to engage in conversations solely through voice, eliminating the need to read messages and making interactions more engaging.

Selecting a suitable voice tone for your character is a simple process. You must only identify which tone complements your character and add it accordingly.

For instance, if your character is inspired by an anime, you might choose the ‘Anime Girl (F) (en-US)‘ voice.

Similarly, for a girl help assistant character, the ‘Good Female Voice (en-US)‘ could be a fitting choice.

voice tone

This platform offers nearly 50 different types of voice tones.

What’s particularly impressive is the availability of various languages such as English, Chinese, Japanese, Swedish, Spanish, and more.

The option to select different voice tones in various languages makes this platform highly advanced for character creation.

Step 8: Final Tips

Now you have done almost everything you need to add to your character.

Here, I’ve included the most important sections, but there are also other things you need to add, like selecting an Avatar, Visibility, and so on.

You can choose these based on the character you want to create.

You don’t need to focus too much here because these don’t affect the conversation significantly.

However, after selecting these, you’ve done everything you need.

Now, you just need to click on the ‘Save’ option, and your character will be created automatically. After that, you can start a conversation on any of your favorite topics.

And if you don’t like the character you created then you can delete your Character AI character anytime. For this, you can read: How to delete Character AI characters effectively.

Final Thoughts:

Here, I’ve endeavored to cover all aspects that make your Character AI bot advanced.

However, if you wish to delve deeper into this topic, you can explore the ‘Character book‘ authored by the official team behind Character AI.

I believe you might not necessarily need to refer to the ‘Character book’ as I’ve already shared comprehensive details.

Therefore, if you’re interested in learning more about this topic, you should consider exploring Character AI rooms, which is another fascinating feature of Character AI.

Nevertheless, if you enjoyed the article, share it with your friends and family.

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