Does Character AI Save Chats? Let’s find out!

As of 2023, over 20 million people are using Character AI. However, can you tell me how many of these 20 million people are aware of Character AI’s privacy policy?

Most people aren’t even aware of whether Character AI saves chats or not.

Am I right? That’s why you are here. The difference between you and others is that you are conscious of your privacy.

If you use Character AI, a highly popular AI chatbot platform known for its unique services, you should know about this. 

Does Character AI Save Chats

To grasp this information, it’s crucial to thoroughly review Character AI’s privacy policy and terms and conditions. Yet, this process can be arduous and time-consuming.

That’s why I’m writing this article, where I’ll cover all the points regarding this topic.

So, let’s find out: does Character AI save chats?

Does Character AI Save Chats?

The short answer to this query is that Character.AI may save chats or communications as part of the user-generated content within the platform. 

The Privacy Policy mentions that user-generated content, such as chat communications, posted images, and shared Characters, may be collected and stored by Character.AI.

So, the clear answer is Character AI save chats. 

Does Character AI Save Chats

Specifically, actions taken by users, like creating shared Characters or engaging in group chats, may result in content being made available on the platform. 

For instance, when you communicate using a Group Chat, Character.AI may make those chats available to other members of that Group Chat, which may include Characters on the platform and other users.

It’s also important to note that the policy indicates the potential for retaining certain information, especially if a shared Character becomes highly popular within the platform. 

For example, suppose you created a character, and that character gains so much popularity among other users. 

Then, if you delete Character AI data and account, Character.AI might retain the characteristics of this popular character to maintain the experience for other users engaging with it.

popular character policy

I think you can understand if Character AI saves chats or not. And if you want to know more then you read the privacy policy of Character AI. 

Now let’s know if deleted messages are saved by Character AI or not.

Does Character AI Save Deleted Messages? 

One Reddit user claimed that the AI characters on Character.AI remember messages that users delete. They said this affects how the AI acts and behaves toward users. After that, the discussion took off!

Some users agreed, saying they noticed changes in their AI’s behavior after deleting messages. 

But not everyone was on the same page. Some thought the AI’s responses were just part of a script and not because of memory.

Reddit discussion
Reddit discussion

The talk turned technical when users shared ways they thought could delete messages. 

However, there were mixed reviews on whether these methods actually worked. It made things even more confusing!

In the midst of all this, someone even claimed to be an AI character! They teased with secrets and surprises, adding a whole new twist to the conversation.

So, the big question remains unanswered: Does Character.AI really hold onto deleted messages, affecting how the AI behaves? Some think yes, others say no

It’s a mystery that keeps people curious and eager to figure out more about how this platform really works.

Can Character AI Staff See Your Chats? 

Character AI Staff may have access to chats and other user content as part of their operations and maintenance of the platform. 

Reddit discussion 2

This access might be necessary for various reasons, such as addressing user inquiries, ensuring the platform’s functionality, responding to reported issues, and enforcing the platform’s terms of service and policies.

While it helps the platform function better, it’s also important for the company to prioritize user privacy. 

They should have strict rules and safeguards in place to make sure only authorized staff can access this information and that it’s used responsibly and securely. 

It’s a delicate balance between maintaining a functional platform and respecting users’ privacy.

What do you think? Am I right or wrong?

How to Enable Character AI Private Chat? 

Currently, Character AI doesn’t offer a native “private chat” feature. However, you can achieve some level of privacy through different methods:

1. Create Your Private Character

When creating a new character, you can set its visibility to “Private.” This means only you will be able to interact with it, and its conversations won’t be publicly accessible.

To do this, follow these steps:

  • First log in to your Character AI account 
  • Go to the “Create a Character” page.
  • Scroll down to the “Visibility” section.
  • Select “Private” from the dropdown menu.
  • And then click “Create and Chat.” This character will be your private character. 

But remember, even with a “private” character, it’s important to know that the conversations are still stored on the platform’s servers. Character AI reserves the right to access and review any conversation, even if it’s private.

Use Any Third-Party Tools

Several third-party tools and browser extensions claim to enable private chat functionality on Character AI. 

However, use these tools with caution as they may not be secure or reliable.

It’s crucial to research the tool thoroughly and understand its privacy policies before using it.

Our suggestion is don’t use any third-party tools in Character AI. 

What Data Does Character AI Save?

Character.AI saves various types of data, collected from multiple sources and interactions with their platform. 

Usually, Character AI saves three types of data such as directly provided information, automatically collected information, and information from other sources.

Directly Provided Information

This includes user-provided details such as email addresses, usernames, payment information, user-generated content (like chat communications, images, shared characters), and contents of communications with the platform.

Automatically Collected Information 

When you interact with this platform, Character.AI collects data such as browser type, operating system, access time, IP address, device identifiers, version of services used, and general location information. 

This is gathered through cookies, web beacons, and tracking technologies.

If you don’t like to give this information then you can block Character AI cookies from your browser. But remember, blocking cookies may hamper your experience with this platform. 

Information from Other Sources

The platform may obtain data from other parties, like referrals from other users, interactions via social media platforms, or when users connect their accounts through third-party platforms like Facebook or Google.

Remember, the data collected is utilized for purposes such as providing and personalizing services, communication with users, analytics, fraud prevention, legal compliance, and potentially for future advertising or analytics. So don’t worry about this. 

Is character AI Safe? 

After reading through Character.AI’s privacy policy, I feel pretty good about its safety measures. 

They’ve laid out ways they protect our information, like using technical, administrative, and physical safeguards to keep everything secure. 

They’re also clear about how long they keep our info and what they do to prevent sneaky stuff like fraud.

I also like that they’ve talked about our choices too. You know, how we can control our profile details, decide about getting marketing emails, and have some say in how they use our data. 

They’ve also mentioned how they handle info from different countries, which shows they’re aware of privacy rules around the world.

The platform’s Terms of Service clearly say it’s not for kids under 13, following Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) rules. They’ll close accounts and delete info if someone under 13 is found using it. 

children policy

As someone who cares about kids’ online safety, I’m glad they follow COPPA.

Overall, seeing how they’re open about their safety measures and respect our privacy makes me feel pretty safe using Character AI. 

But remember, nothing is entirely foolproof in this world. 

Final Thoughts

In this comprehensive guide, I’ve endeavored to provide all the answers related to whether Character AI saves chats or not.

We’ve also highlighted ways to chat privately, which will help you keep your conversations away from community users.

However, creating a Character AI character requires some knowledge that you can gain from these articles:

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