Homeworkify: A Comprehensive Guide and How to Use for Free

Are late-night study sessions and challenging homework problems beginning to impact your academic journey? 

I, too, encountered similar challenges during my student days.

A Comprehensive Guide on Homeworkify

As an avid AI enthusiast, always eager to delve into new realms of this field, I find myself utilizing Homeworkify to solve some of my brother’s Physics-related queries.

And yes it can be your new best friend in the world of education! 

So, in this comprehensive guide, we’re exploring how Homeworkify, the free AI tool, can revolutionize how you tackle homework.

What is Homeworkify?

Homeworkify is a free AI tool designed to rescue you from the frustration of puzzling over challenging questions, acting as the brilliant friend you’ve always wished for when tackling your homework.

All you need to do is provide a direct link to your homework problem, and Homeworkify works its magic, giving you instant solutions.

Sounds Good! Right,

But it’s not just about quick answers. 

Homeworkify has a nifty Q&A search engine that finds step-by-step solutions for similar problems, helping you truly understand the concepts.


Homeworkify Featured Subjects

The AI tool Homeworkify offers a range of features. Some of the most notable ones include:

Homework scanner and solver:You can scan your homework questions and receive detailed solutions for challenging questions.
Essay Assistant and Planner:It leads you through the writing process, starting from brainstorming ideas to proofreading final drafts, all while offering goal-setting, planning, and tracking features.
User-friendly interface:Its easy navigation ensures a seamless experience, aiding in our ability to focus on our problems.
Available SubjectsBiology(All Branches), Business(Finance, Economics, Accounting, Operations Management), Engineering(Computer Science, Electrical, Mechanical, and Civil Engineering), and Maths.

Pricing: Is Homeworkify Free?

Yes, Homeworkify is a free AI tool that helps students to do their homework. Nevertheless, the free version of Homeworkify provides fundamental features, such as question scanning and solving.

So, to access additional features and benefits, you can opt for a paid subscription. Below are the available Homeworkify plans along with their respective features.

Per Month
BasicFreeAI math solver,
Plus$9.99All Basic plan features +
Learning Dashboard,
Library of Practice problems,
Quizzes and More.
Premium$19.99All Plus plan features +
Access to live tutoring sessions
Family Premium$29.99All Premium plan featuresUp to 5
Homeworkify Pricing

If you are getting interested in Homehorkify’s features and pricing, now let’s have a look at how Homeworkify works.

How to Use Homeworkify for Free

To utilize Homeworkify, simply follow the steps below and receive the answer in seconds:

Homeworkify Homepage

1. Find Your Question: Imagine you have a tricky question, like finding the Cube root of a number. You go to a website like chegg.com to look it up.

2. Copy the Web Address (URL): When you find your question, copy the web link (that’s the address at the top of your internet browser).

3. Use Homeworkify: Next, you visit homeworkify.eu (which used to be homeworkify.net). You’ll see a bar where you can put things in, like a search bar on Google. 

Paste the link you copied there and press “Search,”.

4. Give Your Email and Solve a Puzzle (Captcha): They’ll ask for your email address (like when you want to receive a message). 

Then, they might show you a little puzzle, like picking the right pictures to prove you’re a real person and not a robot.

5. Check Your Email: After you do that, check your email inbox. You’ll get a message from Homeworkify.

Open it up and click on the link they send. That’s where you’ll find your answer. 🍰📚

Now, if you’re considering using the Homeworkify App for quick answers, it’s as simple as a click wherever you are.

How to Download Homeworkify App

Allow me to assure you, that it’s entirely possible. You can achieve it by following these straightforward steps:

1. For Android users, head over to the Google Play Store; for Apple users, visit the App Store. Search for Homeworkify, then click on Install.

2. Once installed, choose the topic or subject you’d like to address and input your question. Homeworkify will provide you with the answer in a matter of seconds. 

Note: Free users have access to only 3 messages. If you desire additional messages, you can either purchase coins or opt to watch ads for a rewarding bonus of 3 additional messages.

Now that we understand how to use Homeworkify to address our academic challenges, it’s important to note that Homeworkify has more than one use case.

Homeworkify Use Cases

In addition to solving math and science problems, Homeworkify can be utilized for a variety of purposes, including:

Crafting Essays: Homeworkify is the ultimate solution for students who want to master essay writing. Its comprehensive video tutorials and quizzes will equip you with the skills and knowledge you need to write exceptional essays.

Preparing for exams: It has a variety of resources to help students like you prepare for exams, including practice questions, quizzes, and flashcards.

Collaborating with classmates: As we know, it allows you to work together on homework assignments. Furthermore, you can share your questions and answers, and help each other learn.

Creating study schedules: Homeworkify has a study planner that can help you create a schedule and track your progress. 

These are just a few of the many ways that Homeworkify can be used.

As it pertains to our learning, we always seek to acquire accurate knowledge and discern if the instructor is beneficial to our learning. 


So, the question is…

Does Homeworkify Still Work?

In short, yes, Homeworkify AI still serves as a helpful assistant for completing homework and assignments, requiring only a simple 2 or 3 clicks. However, it’s important to exercise caution regarding the accuracy of the provided answers.

It’s advisable to verify the information with professionals and other reputable sources available on the internet, as these responses are generated by artificial intelligence, not by human experts.

Keep in mind that while Homeworkify AI offers advantages, it also comes with its own set of limitations and drawbacks. It should not be considered the ultimate solution for all your homework and assignment needs.

Homeworkify Drawbacks and Limitations

Homeworkify limitations

These drawbacks and limitations are not just my opinions; they are also collected from various forums like Reddit, where Homeworkify users discuss their experiences.

Limited Subjects: On the Homeworkify.eu website, they specialize in solving problems related to Biology, Business, Engineering, and Maths. 

However, the Homeworkify App expands its subject range beyond the web, encompassing various languages and providing writing assistance as well.

Quality of Answers: According to various users’ reports and our experience of using Homeworkify it is clear that some tutors are very proficient, while others may not meet your expectations. 

So, it can be challenging to find the right tutor tailored to your specific needs. 

At times, the answer keys on the Homeworkify App might be inaccurate due to gaps in their database training. 

Therefore, exercise caution to prevent yourself from making mistakes on your homework.

Cost: We all understand that education should be of high quality and accessible to everyone for free. However, it is true that sometimes, to uphold the standards of education, a certain cost may be necessary.

In this context, I must honestly state that Homeworkify’s website offers excellent opportunities for free learning. On the other hand, the App can be quite costly and frustrating, as it requires viewing ads in order to access only 3 answers, as I mentioned earlier.

Ultimately, the choice of how you invest your money in your learning is up to you.

Can Be Addictive: Since it provides one-click answers, students often approach it more casually, enjoying the process akin to a text adventure game. 

Moreover, based on conversations in different forums, some students may find themselves devoting excessive time to Homeworkify, potentially leading to issues with procrastination and related challenges.

One more thing, as a Homeworkify user sometimes you may encounter some common issues like: Homeworkify is not working. 

In this scenario, you should try again after clearing the browser cache. If it still does not work and you need an answer immediately then you can try the following Homeworkify alternatives.

Homeworkify Alternatives

I know while browsing the Internet, you’ll come across numerous alternatives to Homeworkify. However, based on our experience, I’d like to share the following options along with their key features.

NameMain Features
Brainly1. Group management
2. Reporting and analytics
3. Has AI functions that allow you
to “simplify” or “expand” answers.
Socratic1. Proper listening and thinking Platform
2. Here Teachers take students’ ideas seriously
3. Has Student-led Functionality.
Quizplus1. Practice tests and Textbook solutions
2. You Can Upload study materials
3. Can Search questions by image
Quizlet1. Flashcards are great for reviewing keywords and phrases.
2. Match Terms, Learn With A Path, and Practice Tests.
Photomath1. AI-powered animated tutorials
2. Deeper explanations with contextual hints
3. Custom-made solutions for every math problem

Conclusion: Is Homeworkify Worth it?

We already know that it’s designed to make learning enjoyable and efficient. It personalizes your learning experience and covers a wide range of subjects, empowering you to tackle your homework with confidence. 

So, you can easily say goodbye to homework headaches and hello to Homeworkify!


But before leaving please read the following information.

Learning is not all about taking questions and finding their answers. Remember it is just an AI that gives you one-click answers sometimes with an explanation. 

So, to truly grasp a subject, it’s imperative to adopt a comprehensive approach, spanning from mastering foundational principles to tackling higher-level concepts, rather than focusing solely on a few individual questions.

And I know given its AI nature, it’s capable of catering to your specific demands, but it’s crucial to be mindful. Over-reliance can potentially lead to a decline in motivation and a reduction in your overall interest in the subject matter.

So, be sure to carefully review the response. Verify it with your teacher or an expert. And only invest time in it as needed. That way, Homeworkify will truly prove its value to you.

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